Arenastone Quartz Worktops from Affordable Granite


Arenastone is an Italian quartz brand which has been around in the UK market for many years. Certainly, we have installed a good number of Arenastone worktops over the years, although never quite as many as from other brands. Until recently, we would tend to say that they were a little bit behind the game on design and innovative flair. However, some of their recent marble-look materials have really hit the spot, and at a decent price band. Arenastone Calacatta Baleno is a case in point – a really lovely big-veined quartz.

Like all “quartz” in our industry, Arenastone is an engineered stone, made up of around 93% hard, mainly natural materials, held together with around 7% polymer resign, pigment etc. Arenastone is a good solid brand, and we have experienced very few issues installing it.

Arenastone Calacatta Delicato Finish work (002)a

Arenastone Calacatta Delicato

Arenastone - Product Range

Like other manufacturers of engineered stone for quartz worktops, Arenastone groups products into price bands. These are shown below. Do bear in mind, though, that these don’t correspond to our own or other quartz companies’ price bands when it comes to quoting for a specific kitchen. Higher bands will be more expensive, but making direct, detailed comparisons is difficult. Much depends on slab usage, and Arenastone sometimes really scores on price because the company offers half slabs. A job needing 1.5 Arenastone slabs can undercut the price for another bespoke material where we are forced to buy two entire jumbo slabs.

Arenastone - Group A

Asti Bianco

Warm white granular quartz

Bianco Grana

Large grain white quartz

Grigio Serena

Mid-grey and granular – liveable, economical, durable

Arenastone - Group B

Bianco Elegante

Slightly warm white on white marble/limestone effect

Grigio Venato

Mottled grey quartz

Arenastone - Group C

Bianco Bellini

Fine-grained white quartz

Bianco Stelline

Classic white mirror-fleck quartz

Cielo Stelline

Blue and cream mirror-chip quartz

Grigio Stelline

Grey mirror-chip quartz

Nero Stelline

Black mirror-fleck quartz

Arenastone - Group D

Bianco Brilliante

Very pure white quartz

Arenastone - Group F

Bianco Fantasia

White marble-look quartz with a pronounced mottled-veining and slight brownish/gold note in the veins

Bianco Leggiero

White marble-look quartz with a very delicate, light mottling

Bianco Montagna

White marble-look quartz

Bianco Nuvolo

White marble-look quartz

Bianco Tura

White-on-white marble/limestone look quartz

Crema Venato

Creamy mottled, short-vein, marble-look quartz

Arenastone - Group H

Bianco Fiorito

Marbled white with blue-cheese-type veining

Calacatta Baleno

A superb broad-veined Calacatta-type quartz. This has been one of the best-sellers in the Arenastone range and with good reason.

Calacatta Delicato

Delicate but definite dark veins on a white background

Calacatta Dorato

A Calacatta Gold version – a good one

Statuario Tesoro

More chaotic veins and more gold than Dorato

Arenastone - Group I

Grigio Ghiaccio

Beautiful veining on a dark grey ground

We are Affordable Granite – long-term installers of worktops in Arenastone as well as other leading brands of quartz. We are here to help. If you are interested in any of the Arenastone products on this page – or any not shown on this page – please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or a quote, or to request a sample.




The photos with coins are of small samples and are copyright Affordable Granite. Other images have been sent by Arenastone or have been culled from various Arenestone sites around the world.  If any image used breaches copyright, please let us know and we will take it down.