Azul Platino granite is a material which has attracted a lot of attention over the last few years. For our first few installations of Azul Platino granite worktops we handled it on a bespoke basis, but found the stone so popular and cost-effective for our customers that we ended up holding it in stock. Inexpensive compared to the Premium granites, it offers a lot of pizzazz for your money. A subtle natural glitter sets it apart from other grey speckled stones. We love it!

The texture is bigger-grained and more random than Salt and Pepper granite. There is also a little more colour-less monochrome grey, white and black and more specks of subtle cream to green to blue when you look closely – although the overall impression is still a uniform grey.

As a truly igneous stone, Azul Platino granite is a relatively light coloured material which is not as porous as, say River White. This can be a significant advantage when it comes to the need for regular resealing.

Azul Platino and Salt and Pepper granite are by no means alone in the grey-speckled end of natural stone. We have also occasionally fitted Bianco Sardo and other stones, but for consistency of speckle size and that eye-catching sparkle, we have found nothing to beat Azul Platino.

See the Azul Platino granite worktops we fitted in:

Please note that Azul Platino granite is not always available in the largest slab sizes. We have had slabs at over 3 metres long, but at times have also found the material limited to 2750mm or less. Please bear this in mind when planning work in this material.

Please contact us for a sample or for bespoke colour options click here.

Azul Platino sells in our Superior price band.