Our May Caesarstone Offer: Just Imagine

special offer caesarstone quartz worktops white attica installation 144938

Caesarstone White Attica

What can you do with four of the best quartz materials on the market?
Our May Caesarstone offer gives you at least 10% off four of our favourite quartz worktop materials from Caesarstone. We are so excited about these four that we ran a bit of an office challenge. Naomi got together some tiles, glass samples, fabric swatches and different members of staff then put together mood boards for each stone, just letting their imagination run free around the quartz samples.

We are really grateful to a number of companies who have helped us out over the years when we have put moodboards together. The family partnership of Linda and Barbara at Charlwood Interiors are a never failing source of help and inspiration when it comes to fabrics – and we’ve gone all Escape to the Chateau with them this time. Southern Counties Glass are our go to suppliers of all things glass, and they seem to have glass in colours to go with absolutely anything. Barge Tiles of Lingfield were exceptionally helpful with, as you may guess, superb tiles of every kind. Farrow and Ball sent us a great selection of papers. Naomi has a general collection of kitchen doors and so forth – and a few final bits and bobs came from Tesco who have a small emporium in Horley.
Feel free to contact any and all of those companies if you have questions about the materials we have featured. They will be glad to hear from you!

Airy Concrete

special offer caesarstone Airy Concrete quartz worktops 190502 115946a

Cassie took the Caesarstone Airy Concrete which could go with industrial grunge look, and went all fresh spring with it. For me, this moodboard just pops off the screen.
Worktop sample: Caesarstone Airy Concrete
Glass samples: Sage and French Grey
Tile: Original Style – Tapestry Collection 8510A Orleans Blue
Tiles: Artisan – Orford and Sudbury – The Winchester Tile Company
Wallpaper: Farrow & Ball Helleborus ref BP 5604
Fabric: Airmid – Riverbank – Sku #ED007A

4044 Airy Concrete

Caesarstone Airy Concrete – slab view

Bianco Drift

special offer caesarstone Bianco Drift quartz worktops 190430 114227a

Our Caesarstone offer imagination fest continued with Tina’s take on Bianco Drift. She went for a striking deep purple look. Perhaps the white drifting across the lake is smoke on the water! 🙂 Or perhaps she just enjoys a glass of red. Either way, I love the richness of the colour with the soft texture of the quartz.
Worktop sample: Caesarstone Bianco Drift
Glass samples: Heather and Heather Shimmer
Tile: Rio Grande GW-RIO2010B – The Winchester Tile Company
Fabric: Torrent – Self Heal 
Tap: Spirale Tap with Wine Hose – The 1810 Company

caesarstone quartz worktops Bianco Drift

Caesarstone Bianco Drift – slab view

Moorland Fog

special offer caesarstone Moorland Fog quartz worktops 190502 093822a

Naomi kept broadly to the soft greige palette of the Moorland Fog quartz – but then chose to pick out highlights with bright berry and lipstick red. That is the great thing with these soft monochrome stones – they can be married with coloured features that can be changed over time.
Worktop sample: Caesarstone Moorland fog
Glass samples: Charcoal Satin and Strawberry
Kitchen door: Cashmere Gloss 
Wallpaper: Hegemone 
Floor Tile: Geometric Floor tile 
Cup and Ramekin: Tesco

special offer caesarstone quartz worktops moorland fog 110902

Caesarstone Moorland Fog – large scale view

White Attica

special offer caesarstone white attica quartz worktops 190430 112040a

With the busier marbled veining of the Caesarstone Offer White Attica, Carol went for a busier, Victoriana feel in her tiles and paper and muted shades in her glass. I like it!
Worktop sample: Caesarstone White Attica
Tiles: Marshalls Spring Bloom
Fabric: How Very British – Majestic Mushroom – Willis and Bloom
Glass: Apple-White Satin and Heather Shimmer
Laminate Flooring: LAM308

Caesarstone 5143 White Attica special offer quartz worktops redhill surrey

Caesarstone White Attica – large scale view

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite and quartz worktop installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We try hard to be the best with advice on colourways and the latest trends – and we are so glad of the help and stimulus of local friends in other companies. This spring, check out our Caesarstone offer, let your kitchen imagination run wild – and call us for a quotation on 01293 863992 or by email on

© Images from Caesarstone and Affordable Granite / Andrew King Photography

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