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Christmas Greetings from Affordable Granite

In the light of that, we feel that we have much to be thankful for as we come to the end of December. We are fully open and operating profitably again. All members of staff with whom we entered the pandemic period are still with us; Mr Sunak’s furlough scheme has really worked for AG at least. And the periods of lockdown and reduced staffing have not prevented hard thought and investment going into the company. In the office, the first national lockdown saw us launch a completely revamped quotation method; in the workshop and for the fitters the year has begun and ended with a new CNC saw installed and a new van delivered.
As we have mentioned before, we are proud to be founder members of the new trade body for our sector: The Worktop Fabricators Federation. The body was launched with some fanfare at the KBB show immediately before Covid-19 rather stole the world’s attention. Even with that distraction, membership has grown from the founding four firms to the present eighteen, and other granite and quartz worktop companies are joining rapidly.

Dear Friends, Clients and Suppliers,

It’s Christmas time! Once again all of us at Affordable Granite would like to wish all of you, our customers and suppliers, a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.
Here’s a bit of our news…
You don’t need me to tell you that 2020 has been a little… different. Like everyone else in our corner of industry, we were hit hard by the first Covid wave lock down and closed completely for a month. “Normality” was restored slowly, and the rest of the year has been a patchwork of the coming and going of restrictions, as it has been for everyone. As you can see, our Christmas card reflects a rather different gathering to normal, and with four valued members of staff missing.
We are making a donation to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in lieu of the cost of sending postal Christmas cards. This is a cause close to our hearts. For more information about the Royal Marsden, please see here
We will be closed from lunchtime (12.30 pm) on Thursday 24th December until we reopen for normal office hours on Tuesday 5th January 2021.
We thank you so much for your business and support throughout this year. If you feel able to review us on Facebook or Google, that would be a great help.
We wish you a very happy Christmas season, and look forward to further contact and business over the coming year!
Best wishes,
Andy Phillips and all the team at Affordable Granite
Christmas card quartz and granite worktops from AG
purple baubles on a ribbon

Important anniversaries at Affordable Granite

We couldn’t let pass the fact that the boss has just hit two major milestones: 50 years old and 10 years at AG. We have had the usual whip round and presentations – but a bit more highly-charged than “the usual” actually. After the year we have all had, a boss who really runs the company with an eye to the well-being of his staff is incredibly appreciated. I’d even say “loved” – but we are men of granite, let’s face it. Happy Birthday, Andy!

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andy phillips affordable granite birthday presentation surrey charlwood
purple baubles on a ribbon

The Annual Affordable Granite Crossword

This year’s puzzle has a mix of cryptic and less cryptic clues, and has lots of references to our industry – all answers can be found via this website and with a bit of a google. Good luck! I will be glad to hear from readers who think they have the full solution.  🙂

christmas pudding granite worktops
Crossword grid affordable granite worktops


7 Confused at slabs? Such common rocks! 7

8 Shirt for toil? Counter the American! 7

10 Sparkly line from Classic Quartz 6

11 Ownerless in West Side Story 8

12 Curves sound like boats 4

14 Pattern-makers for 8? 10

15 Social subject of a queen? 3

16 The emperor´s timbre makes a good quartz surface 11

21 Jim Morrison brought his friend here 3

23 A posh birch muddled a churchman 10

26 Broken 12 ruled Russia 4

27 Crazy gang sign resolving builder’s problems 8

28 Singing? “I can’t heeear you!” 2,2,2

29 Elegantly rhymes with Billie 7

30 Dustbins 6


1 Tuscan marble 7

2 An old thrower? In a ball I starred 8

3 Profitless enterprise 2,4

4 The linguist Al must leave Polly. Gloat. 8

5 Make it last! 3,3

6 Make weapons or sausage rolls! 7

9 Hare? Mare? Hog? It’s a bloody mess! 11

13 Digital cutting and shaping machine 3

17 Most shy takes in the best product of 25 8

18 Down cord for some nice rocks 8

19 Units of type of measurement 3

20 Tearing chaotically for stone 7

22 Much-loved Wendy’s surname 7

24 Horse in healthy debate about the price 6

25 Slavic tongue will make it come up lovely 6

purple baubles on a ribbon

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite and quartz worktop supplier in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. We are closing now until 5th January – but will deal then with any enquiries you want to send in over the Christmas period! Just contact us by email on

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