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Classic Quartz is a growing force in the UK stone worktops market. Established in 2014, they have expanded to have one of the widest product ranges available, especially in varieties of marble-look quartz for worktops. At times they seem to have almost too many types of big-vein marbled quartz – the differences can be very subtle – but the commitment to quality and innovation is really impressive. And their quick and friendly customer service to us is refreshing and helps us to serve our own customers with speed and confidence.

Classic quartz Stone UK

Alaska Bianca and Ice Branco

Classic Quartz special offer Alaska Bianca Ice Branco 190930

Alaska Bianca and Ice Branco have been very popular products with us for the last year and more. They fill different slots in the market, but both are bang on trend – just for different trends!

Alaska Bianca - In-stock price for one month!

Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca can you belive how bad Silestone really is Haywards Heath west sussex 190930 145251a

Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca is the first big vein marble-look quartz that can truly be said to be affordable in our market. It has been incredibly and increasingly popular through the last year and we are now offering this material at a stock price for this month. It will slot in at the top of our range – the same price as the small-vein Radianz Lucern Lake and Novaestone Bianco Carrara.

Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca quartz worktops Haywards Heath west sussex 190930 143337a

Alaska Bianca offers:

  • Big vein – not thick, but long across the slab
  • Bookmatched slabs for making beautifully vein-matched projects
  • 20mm and 30mm thicknesses

The only drawback with Alaska Bianca at present is that it is not perfectly full-bodied – the veins do not run evenly through the slab. This shows up more in some projects than others. For the price, it represents amazing value, but if the full-bodied look is critical for your project, then you may need to pay a little more. Please call us on 01293 863992 to ask for advice on this and other technical details.

Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca quartz worktops Haywards Heath west sussex 190930 142632a

Ice Branco - Price Reduction!

Classic Quartz Ice Branco ice branco kitchen by ballerina kitchensa

Classic Quartz Ice Branco in a Ballerina Kitchen – image courtesy of Classic Quartz Stone

classic quartz ice branco small sparkly quartz worktops subtle special offer july 2019 164829

Classic Quartz Ice Branco is very popular at the moment. Very fine-grained, the stone still gives a lot of sparkle, but without looking at all coarse or over-blingy. We introduced Ice Branco as our stock subtle sparkly quartz in the Premium Plus price band last year, and it have sold more of it than of almost anything else. At a reduced price for one month, we expect to see a lot of new kitchens with this excellent, beautiful and practical quartz worktop.

Classic Quartz Ice Branco Ice Branco kitchen supplied by ballerina kitchensa

Classic Quartz Ice Branco – image courtesy of Classic Quartz Stone

Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca and Ice Branco Offer - the Small Print

Our October Special Offer is simply that:

  • Classic Quartz Ice Branco will be priced one band cheaper for the month
  • Alaska Bianca will be priced as if it were stock.


  • The offer is valid for orders placed between 1st and 31st October, inclusive. This includes orders to be fitted later. It is the point of order that matters.
  • The offer is for the materials listed only.

Images copyright Affordable Granite/ Andrew King Photography except where source is stated as Classic Quartz.