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Oktoberfest: our October / November Worktops Special Offer

At least 5% off all New Year 2021 installations booked in our Oktoberfest Special Offer 2020!

granite worktops special offer extension

This is the time of year that we always think of as the Christmas rush. As we hit October, so the rate of sales rises to a peak, and before you know it, we are fully booked until Christmas. If you want new kitchen worktops in quartz or granite before Christmas, please don’t hang around!

January and February, on the other hand, tend to be quiet. So every year we run a worktops special offer, to encourage people who can wait until the New Year to plan for that – and get a slice off their invoice as a Thank You. This year we are starting earlier than ever: The offer will run from 1st October – it is our Oktoberfest!

If a New Year worktop installation works for you, why not take advantage of our annual worktops special offer, to sweeten the January blues and help with those post-Christmas bills?!

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worktops special offer oktoberfest october november 2020 quartz granite worktops a

The Oktoberfest worktops special offer is pretty simple…

  • All full kitchen installations for private customers…
  • Booked from 1st October until 15th November 2020…
  • For New Year fitting…
  • Get at least 5% discount
    (sometimes nearer 10%, depending on material)

There isn’t a great deal more to say – certainly not a ton of small print. Please bear in mind, though, that at this time of year we:

  • are more careful about travelling long distances to install worktops – we reserve the right not to quote jobs outside of our immediate area
  • stop doing “Supply Only” jobs – hearths and vanity tops and windowsills may need to wait until 2021
  • we put a hold on our near-perpetual “Bin End Sale” of offcuts – no reductions on end of batch slabs till the New Year

Please also note that this offer cannot be mixed with a regular trade discount – it is for private customers only.

If it comes as a shock to think that Christmas is only a few weeks off, we have to apologise! However, in our defence, we don’t get the decs up in early October, like some people!

We wish you a wonderful Autumn, despite the mayhem and stress that his year has been for all of us. We are here to help – whatever your home improvement project, if you need stone tops, please contact us.

worktops special offer oktoberfest october november 2020 quartz granite worktops a

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