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Granite Colours

Non-stock Granites

If you have chosen a granite colour that isn't here please ask and we will confirm availability and a price for you.

If you are looking for something completely different and would like to view a large range of colours please contact us on *0845 330 1692 (01293 863992) so that we can see which warehouse is the best option for you.

We will help you to find the perfect granite worktop to compliment your kitchen at the best price possible!

The following colours are just some of the granites that customers have chosen using our bespoke service

Click the images for an enlargement.

Arctic Cream Angola Gold Midnight Blue Juparana Persa Azul Platino Lemon Spice
A soft creamy white granite with black lines and small dots. See a recent Arctic Cream installation Black granite with goldy pearlised flecks, slightly more subtle and not as defined as the flecks in Black Galaxy A stunning dark granite with a similar mottle to that of Black Pearl but with vivid Azure blue small pearlised flecks. A golden toffee colour granite with creams and browns and small random black flecks. Blue-white Spanish Granite with distinctive black spots and some silver flecks Extremely variable but so far has tended to be quite goldy with a large striated swirly pattern.
Madura Gold Giallo Veneziano Panna Fragola Pegasus Rosso Multicolour Sapphire Brown
A golden swirly granite. A beautiful beige granite with a lot of interest in the pattern. A very pale creamy white granite. Stunning dark brown with a strong pattern of large crystals in taupe, russet, black & cream. Very variable across a slab with lighter and darker areas. An orangey-red/brown granite with large swirly pattern. Similar pattern to Tan Brown but with the "stretchmark" like areas being more of a beige brown than red-brown, defined by contrasting blue grey background.
    Tortoishell Worktops Vizag Blue Worktops    
    Tortoiseshell Visag Blue    
    Shades of blacks, pinks & greys Greyish-blue with dark grey patterning    


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