Comparing white quartz worktops: white granular and plain quartz

White quartz worktops: images showing various white plain/granular engineered stones. Some other materials appear by way of comparison.
Lighting may be a little different from shot to shot – the key thing is that all stones in the same shot were photographed under the same lighting!

Just before you look…
Please note that these images:
1. Do not necessarily show only STOCK quartzes. The majority would have to be bought-in especially
2. Do not necessarily show stones that are readily available or are even still being made
3. Do not necessarily show the current version of the materials has not changed. Manufacturers can alter the mix!
(For these two reasons, photos are shown with the year they were taken)
4.Show small samples, and do not show big-scale pattern across the slab.

Global Lunar Quarella Blanco Paloma Cimstone Barents Affordable White white quartza
Global Lunar, Quarella Blanco Paloma, Cimstone Barents, Affordable White quartz worktops
© Affordable Granite August 2020
Global Snow Caesarstone Ocean Foam Quarella Blanco Paloma white quartz worktops

Global Snow, Caesarstone Ocean Foam, Quarella Blanco Paloma white quartz worktops
© Affordable Granite March 2019

Granular whites Quarella Blanco Paloma Picasso Blanco Mist

Granular whites: Quarella Blanco Paloma, Picasso Blanco Mist white quartz worktops
© Affordable Granite June 2018

Large grain whites July 2018a

Large grain whites: Radianz Adirondack, Silestone Blanco Maple, Global Snow, Caesarstone Nougat, Quarella Blanco Paloma
© Affordable Granite July 2018

Large grain whites June 2018a

Large grain white quartz: Caesarstone Nougat, BQS Opus White, Global Snow, Quarella Blanco Paloma, Mainstream Icy Land, Radianz Aleutian White, Beltrami White Almond
© Affordable Granite June 2018

white quartz caesarstone nougat silestone blanco maple arenastone asti bianco radianz adirondack birch quarella blanco paloma

Caesarstone Nougat, Silestone Blanco Maple, Blanco Norte, Arenastone Asti Bianco, Radianz Adirondack Birch, Everest White, Aleutian White, Mont Blanc Snow, Kauai Cream, Quarella Blanco Paloma white granular quartz
© Affordable Granite 2017

classic quartz sepia unistone bianco extra quarella blanco paloma arenastone crema rocca silestone blanco maple

Creamy white granular quartz: Classic Quartz Sepia Unistone Bianco Extra, Quarella Blanco Paloma, Arenastone Crema Rocca, Silestone Blanco Maple white quartz worktops
© Affordable Granite 2017


White stock quartz: Blanco Paloma; Affordable White quartz worktops
© Affordable Granite 2015

White Quartz pure white October 2017 wm

Plain or pure white quartz: Affordable White, Caesarstone Pure White, Cambria White Cliff, Classic Quartz Super White, Compac Absolut Blanc, Quarella Alabastro, Bianchissimo, Blanco Paloma, Radianz Diamond White, Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme, Iconic White
© Affordable Granite October 2017

Compac Luna v Global Lunar

Global Lunar v Compac Luna – just in case of any confusion!
© Affordable Granite October 2023

150930 river white granite colonial affordable blanco stellar quarella blanco paloma

Stock white worktops including granites: River White Granite, Colonial White Granite, Affordable White, Silestone Blanco Stellar, Quarella Blanco Paloma
© Affordable Granite September 2015

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