How Can we be so Affordable?


Affordable Granite maintains close links with suppliers. We buy in bulk through established wholesalers, achieving the best discounts we can which are passed on to the customer, while having the benefit of the trusted wholesalers’ far-reaching quality control. We will not dispatch anything that we would not be proud of owning in our own kitchens. This means that you get the quality you require direct to your home or installation site at keen prices.


We have one of the largest stocks of granite worktops in the UK with over £300,000 of granite and quartz worktop options permanently held in our warehouses close to Gatwick Airport, Sussex on the borders of Surrey. Many of our competitors will make you wait for your raw material to be ordered from a 3rd party, either in the UK or abroad. We occasionally also have some ends of batches that are available as granite worktops seconds at discounted prices.

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Buying large quantities of one colour at a time means that we can be really competitive.


We are NOT a new start-up and hold many years of stone masonry experience. We have fitted thousands of kitchen work surfaces right across the UK and also provide ‘supply-only’ to the trade and and for jobs abroad. N.B. Installations further afield (from our warehouse at Charlwood in Surrey) incur greater costs to allow for travel / transporation, templating and installation.

We only use our own templaters, stonemasons, workshop teams and installers. Training and skills are passed down by our most experienced stonemasons. We have invested heavily in the best, leading-edge machinery and tools necessary to complete the cutting, finishing and installation of your granite or quartz kitchen worktops. We also have extensive experience of general kitchen installations so are pleased to offer our advice all the way down the line.


Our average time between templating and fitting your granite or quartz worktops is usually between 4-5 working days and may even be able to fit worktops next day locally.    This is incredible given that many of our competitors cause you the inconvenience of 10-14 days without kitchen worktops.  We have the capability of doing this because we don’t subcontract any of the work, and it is all carried out at our warehouse in Charlwood in Surrey, rather than being sent abroad. The delivery times will be dependent on the stone that is selected, the type of finish required and size of kitchen involved so please check delivery time on your preferred worktop. We continuously strive to meet and beat expectations so will do all that we can do to meet any deadlines.

Quartz worktops and Bespoke granite selections brought in from a supplier in the UK can extend the time between template and installation by a minimum of 1-2 days.


We do not have large marketing budgets and can therefore pass these savings directly on to you. Our business operates largely through personal recommendations. Why not view a few examples of these for yourself?