Comparing quartz worktops: Large-vein white marble - Calacatta type

Images showing various white marble quartz materials with a large vein, like Calacatta marble. In some cases, where photos were taken for a specific customer who was looking to mix materials, some quite different stones also appear, particularly small-veined, Carrara-type marble quartzes. .

Light colour may not be consistent between shots – the vital thing is that all stones in the same photograph were with the same lighting!

Silestone Calacatta Bianca Classic Quartz Statuario Blanco Cambria Brittanicca Arenastone Calacatta Baleno a

Before diving in…
It is important to note what these images do NOT show:
1. These images do not necessarily show our STOCK quartz stones. The majority would need to be bought in especially
2. We cannot guarantee that all materials seen are currently available in the UK or are even still available globally
3. We are not sure that the materials are unchanged. Manufacturers can change their ingredients and method!
(For these last two reasons, images generally include date taken)
4. In general, the photos are of small samples, and do not show large-scale pattern across slabs.

Radianz Lucern Lake Classic Quartz Olympia Novaestone Bianco Carrara red

White marble quartz worktops: Radianz Lucern Lake, Classic Quartz Olympia and Novaestone Bianco Carrara
© Affordable Granite January 2020

Arenastone Calacatta Baleno Classic Quartz Calacatta Gold red

White marble quartz worktops: Arenastone Calacatta Baleno and Classic Quartz Calacatta Gold
© Affordable Granite February 2020

white marbled quartz cambria brittanicca

White marble quartz worktops: Cambria Brittanicca seen with Beltrami (BQS) Blanco Massa, Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara and Silestone Vortium
© Affordable Granite October 2016

Silestone Calacatta Bianca Classic Quartz Statuario Blanco Cambria Brittanicca Arenastone Calacatta Baleno a

White marbled quartz worktops: Silestone Calacatta Bianca, Classic Quartz Statuario Blanco, Cambria Brittanicca, Arenastone Calacatta Baleno
© Affordable Granite November 2019

CQ Calacatta Gold and Silestone Calacatta Golda

White, large-vein, Calacatta marble-style quartz worktops: CQ Calacatta Gold and Silestone Calacatta Gold go head to head. In our opinion, the Silestone can be almost too subtle – see case study here 
© Affordable Granite October 2019

Classic quartz alaska bianca marbre carrara statuario caesarstone white attica excava radianz rio quartz worktops surreya

White marble-look quartz worktops: Classic Quartz Alaska Bianca, Marbre Carrara and Statuario; Caesarstone White Attica and Excava; Radianz Rio
© Affordable Granite August 2019

Calacatta Lusso and Radianz Rioa

White large-vein marble-look quartz worktops: Classic Quartz Calacatta Lusso and Statuario; Radianz Rio
© Affordable Granite September 2018

Caesarstone Marbled Quartz Groups 4 and 5a

Caesarstone marble-look quartz worktops:
Statuario Nuvo, Calacatta Nuvo, Statuario Maximus
Symphony Grey, Bianco Drift, Cosmopolitan White, London Grey, Noble Grey, White Attica
Tuscan Dawn, Piatra Grey, Vanilla Noir, Frosty Carrina, Moorland Fog, Mont Blanc
© Affordable Granite July 2017

BQS Blanco Massa Novaestone Bianco Carrara Radianz Rio Denali Cloud Lucern Lake

White marbled quartz worktops: BQS Blanco Massa; Novaestone Bianco Carrara; Radianz Rio, Denali Cloud and Lucern Lake
© Affordable Granite November 2019

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