Supply Only Work

Supply Only means just what it says: we do not template or measure, the customer tells us what to make, in terms of dimensions and specifications and we make it. The product – whatever it is – has to be picked up from our factory, as is.

Supply only jobs very frequently use bin-end, offcut or seconds materials available at knock-down prices.

Supply only jobs for ordinary members of the public are almost always for single runs, occasionally with an associated upstand. Where there is a sink cutout, it is often central and unpolished. Bathroom vanity tops are the obvious example, along with hearths and windowsills. Anything larger and more complicated is generally too daunting, and we would certainly recommend going for the full template and fit service, even though it costs more.

For how we price small Supply Only jobs, please see here.


The exception to that rule is the builder. We have a number of regular trade customers who supply us with their own templates. We then make, and the tradesman picks up from our factory. This can be supply-only for whole kitchens! But you really need to know what you are doing, and to be honest the system works best over the long haul, as any issues of communication and template style are ironed out and we are able to dovetail our approach right into the builder’s way of specifiying. Good value when it works, though!


People often think that Supply Only is an easy/cheap route to getting solid stone granite or quartz worktops. It’s nowhere near as straightforward as they think! Check out our article on doing it yourself when it comes to worktops.

If your job is suitable for a Supply Only approach, then you still have to face the challenge of transporting your product. Please see our article on transporting Supply Only jobs. If you realise that transport isn’t going to work out for you, you will need to look at a Supply and Deliver approach.

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