Although best known for its chalk downs, its famous Suffolk brick clock tower, flanked by ornamental lions in Caen stone, (a variety of limestone) Epsom in Surrey has been a good location for us in terms of granite and quartz worktops.

Perhaps the link with quality kitchen worktops dates back to the days when Henry Dorling was clerk of Epsom racecourse: his step daughter Isabella (better known as Mrs Beeton) could be said to have started the now huge market in writing for the kitchen. If Isabella were alive today, would she go for granite or quartz worktops? Who can tell – but chances are she might go with Affordable Granite either way!

Sapphire Brown Granite has a blue and brown background. Relatively light in colour, it is coarse grained with a regular, granular texture. Its essential felsic minerals are quartz and feldspar. This customer from Epsom opted for a more unusual choice of granite by going for Sapphire Brown for their new worktops and sent this testimonial to us:

“Dear Naomi (and Team),

Just a quick note to say how nice it was doing business with you guys; from beginning to end it has been one of the most hassle free purchases in a long time.

The Sapphire Brown was a great recommendation – we think it looks great (hopefully others will) – the blue aspect is very pleasing and ideal contrast with OAK.

Hopefully it will remain unusual and others stick to Nero and if anyone asks me about Granite I shall be sure to recommend you.
Many thanks”