Radianz Quartz combines the beauty of the natural world with the technology of LOTTE Advanced Materials, one of the largest materials companies in the world, and the dominant force in that market in Asia. Radianz fuses natural quartz crystals with technologically advanced polymers. The result is an extremely hard, durable surface with performance and aesthetic characteristics that go beyond that of other stone products.

In addition to high quality manufacturing, fantastic colours and bacterial resistance, Radianz also offers a 15 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Another useful feature is a slab size slightly larger than usual standard slab size of 3100 x 1520mm, which can allow a little more kitchen to be crafted from each slab. This size increases still further for the two soft, marble-look stones, Lucern Lake and Denali Cloud, which are 3200 x 1600mm.

The Noble Range is worth a special mention. It has look quite different to anything offered by other manufacturers. See comments on our blog and our case study of Mirama Bronze.

Radianz was manufactured and marketed for 20 years with Samsung as the parent brand, and you may still see some samples or brouchures with that brand name. LOTTE took over the Samsung chemical and materials businesses in 2015 and 2016, making LOTTE the largest materials producer in Asia and third largest globally. Radianz quartz is imported into the UK by Gerald Culliford of Kingston, the leading wholesale supplier of quality and exotic stones for granite worktops.

Radianz Quartz is sold in price bands 1 to 4, plus the Noble Range.