Quartz Worktop Prices

The best way to get a price for your quartz kitchen worktops is to send us a plan of your kitchen with a quotation request, but you can get a quick idea by using the table below.

If you are looking for a smaller installation – perhaps a vanity top on a supply only basis, please see our separate guide page here.

The prices given below include no element for extra distance. Installations a long way from our Charlwood workshop can occur an additional charge. Please see here and here for further details.

Max SizeSuperiorPremiumPremium PlusPremium Extra
Quarella Blanco Paloma,
Silestone Gris Expo,
Silestone Marengo,
Silestone Blanco City,
Quantra Giallo Antico
Silestone Blanco Stellar,
Silestone Gris Stellar,
Silestone Negro Stellar,
Silestone Crema Stellar,
Affordable White
Beltrami Blanco Massa,
Silestone Coral Clay,
Silestone Ironbark
Classic Marbre Carrara,
Classic San Vincente,
Novaestone Bianco Carrara
Standard Worktop
Up to 1250mm
Standard Worktop
1250 - 2500mm
Standard Worktop
2500 - 2900m
Extra-Wide WorktopsPOAPOAPOAPOA
  • Our standard worktop is up to max 650mm deep (front to back) and 30mm thick.
  • On contemporary style kitchens a thinner worktop can look right. In quartz it is possible to use 20mm thick material for worktops. See below for the price difference.
  • Because extra-wide worktops (such as islands, peninsulars and breakfast bar sections) vary greatly in shape and can be less efficient in using material, we find it best to price on a case by case basis. Please call us or email for a full quotation. 01293 863992


Service required:
Full Fit (Template, Manufacture, Delivery & Fitting of up to four worktops) £885
Manufacture and Fitting of additional worktops £84 each
Surcharge for extra distance from our factory (see here for details) POA
Surcharge for difficult access & steps POA
Supply Only or Supply and Delivery only POA
Standard Charges:
Trimming/Polishing/Fitting upstands (per length) £20 per 1250mm
Unpolished cutouts (hob or sink) £99
Polished cutouts (undermounted sinks) £172
Polished cutouts (Belfast
Set of five drainer grooves £137
Tap hole £15
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Curved corners 20mm radius or less Free
Curved corners 75mm radius (pilaster) £15
Curved corners 300mm radius (curved units) £50
Complete arcs POA
Extra large arc or organic shape – View example in Ivory Fantasy POA
Standard edge profile (chamfer top & bottom) Included in Full Fit charge
Pencil round edge profile (4mm radius to top only) £13 per metre
Window sill(s) POA
Splashbacks / Full Height Upstands POA
Rectangular Socket Cutout £48
Circular Pop-up Socket Cutout £48
  • Please note that, unlike some competitors, all of the cutting and polishing of your worktops is included in the Manufacturing & Installation cost given.

Worktop Pricing Example:

pricing example granite worktop prices ivory fantasy

In the example, the joins allow three lengths of granite worktop at less than 2500mm to be used.

Quartz from our Superior range:
Three 2.5m worktops @ £402 £1206
Manufacture, Delivery & Fitting £885
One unpolished cutout (hob) £99
One polished cutout (sink) £172
One set of five drainer grooves £137
One tap hole £15
Total £2514
As above in our Premium range: Total £2748
As above in our Premium Plus range: Total £2982
As above in our Premium Extra range: Total £3183
Total prices include VAT @ 20%

What about thinner, 20mm worktops in quartz?

Thinner worktops can look very good on some modern units. As a rule of thumb (and depending a bit on the manufacturer) they cost around 16-18% less than 30mm worktops. This amount can come off the worktop price – but not off the upstands, which are 20mm thick anyway!

Taking the example above, from our Superior range:
Three 2.5m worktops @ £402 reduced by 17% £1001
Manufacture, Delivery & Fitting £885
One unpolished cutout (hob) £99
One polished cutout (sink) £172
One set of five drainer grooves £137
One tap hole £15
Total with 20mm thick worktops £2309
Total prices include VAT @ 20%
 The sums can get complicated – call us for a quotation!

Upstand Pricing as Part of a Kitchen Worktop Installation:


Upstands are reckoned in lengths of 1250mm. Given the tensile strength of quartz, we can generally make longer upstands, but they still often have more joins that their corresponding worktops. Allow enough lengths to be more than enough, so as to avoid too many joins.

Eight lengths of Superior upstand @ £24 £192
Eight times upstand trimming and fitting cost £20 £160
Total £352
As above in our Premium range: Total £416
As above in our Premium Plus range: Total £480
As above in our Premium Extra range: Total £520
Total prices include VAT @ 20%

Please note that the upstand pricing given here only applies where upstands are being included as part of a worktop installation. Upstands bought on a Supply Only, or Supply and Deliver basis need to be priced differently, to allow for administration and other costs.

The example above uses an undermounted sink. If you wish to install a topmounted unit the price will be reduced by £225. For information on the different sink types available, please see here.)

Check out our quartz worktop prices in comparison with our competitors – For value for money combined with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we believe that we are the best in the Home Counties!