How we price vanity tops, hearths and other Supply-Only products

Vanity top
At our warehouse at Charlwood we always have a lot of ends of batches and other remnant granite and quartz that we need to clear. In fact, we have a nearly continual Bin End Sale to get them sent to good homes. These slabs would be most suitable for bathroom worktops, vanity units, dresser cabinets, hearths, small islands, table tops and single runs.
We can manufacture to your given measurements/templates and you can collect from our warehouse at Charlwood near Gatwick. (POA for delivery)
We price very economically for the material, (sometimes down to half price or even less for offcuts) but need to cover our costs on labour and administration.
The labour element for Supply-Only jobs is the same as for full fit work when it comes to cutouts, tapholes etc., which are priced like this:
Unpolished cutouts (hob or sink) £112
Polished cutouts (undermounted sinks) £194
Polished cutouts (Belfast sinks)  £194
Set of five drainer grooves £154
Tap hole £17
Curved corners 20mm radius or less Free
Curved corners 75mm radius (pilaster) £15
Curved corners 300mm radius (curved units) £50
Rectangular Socket Cutout £50
Circular Pop-up Socket Cutout £50
To these must be added:
Standard Chamfer edge profile £32 per metre
Pencil round edge profile (4mm radius to top only) £44 per metre
On top of these we add a charge of £60 for all orders to cover administration costs.

Pricing examples:

  1. Kashmir Gold Granite in 30mm thickness, polished on one long edge and two ends, standard bevel


Size: 1050x600mm                                                          £130.00
Edge polishing:                                                                  £72.00
Waste hole for vessel sink:                                                £45.00
Tap hole:                                                                            £17.00
Admin charge                                                                     £60.00
Total:                                                                                  £324 including VAT


  1. Cream or white quartz such as Cimstone Arcadia in 20mm thickness


Size: 1200x400mm                                                            £92
Edge Polishing:                                                                  £64
Unpolished cut out for semi-recessed basin:                   £112
Admin charge                                                                     £60
Total:                                                                                 £328 including VAT
Here is a chance to pick up the solid stone vanity top you always wanted at a price you never dreamed of!


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One final thing – do think through how you are going to get your Supply Only work home. We can sometimes deliver – see our pricing summary on what that may cost. But also check out our FAQ on transporting worktops in your car.

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