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As mentioned on our services we provide page, we rarely do labour only work. We even warn against getting yourself into the kind of situation where you will be calling us for work to be done. However, very occasionally, for our own customers and/or for extremely local jobs, or just because we are kind and amazing, we agree to do Labour Only work. And, of course, we do offer a general Worktop Refurbishment Service.

Much depends on how busy we are too – at some times of the year, any Labour Only work will be out of the question. Please NEVER assume that we will agree to do your job.


That said, how do we price jobs where we provide Labour Only?

Labour only work is always undertaken on the basis of a signed disclaimer letter, stating that we cannot accept responsibility for repair or replacement of any material damaged during the work.


A general worktop refurbishment starts from £300, going up depending on distance. Please see our refurbishments page for details.


Small jobs (chip repairs, repolishing, slight alterations) that can be done by one fitter on site are charged on a simple time basis at £45 per hour, with a basic charge beginning at £100.


Very often, larger scale Labour only work requires an evaluation of the work before we can commit to trying to help. This is charged as per our costing for distance – travel time for one fitter, to site and back, plus time actually taken on site in hours x £45 per man hour.


If it is judged that the work will best be done by bringing the worktops back to our factory for machining, worktop removal and travel time will be costed in on the same basis. By the time you have costed in removal of worktops and any necessary making good of kitchen units, this can be an expensive process.


The cost for more complex Labour Only jobs is the same as for the Labour element in our other provided services. That would include our full template and fitting charge (include in our granite and quartz pricing pages) and the following individual charges:

Unpolished cutouts (hob or sink) £108
Polished cutouts (undermounted sinks) £184
Polished cutouts (Belfast sinks) £184
Set of five drainer grooves £146
Tap hole £17
Curved corners 20mm radius or less Free
Curved corners 75mm radius (pilaster) £15
Curved corners 300mm radius (curved units) £50
Rectangular Socket Cutout £48
Circular Pop-up Socket Cutout £48
To these must be added:
Standard Chamfer edge profile £32 per metre
Pencil round edge profile (4mm radius to top only) £44 per metre
On top of these there is a charge of £57 on all orders to cover administration costs – hence the £100 minimum


Waterjet Cutting

In addition to all of the above, we also offer a waterjet cutting service, including for materials other than stone. Cost varies hugely from job to job. Please see our Waterjet Cutting Services page for more details, and contact us for pricing.


We recognise that customers need to do things with existing stone, and we want to be on hand and helpful, wherever possible and practical. Sometimes, the economics of alterations make replacement more practical. Whatever your requirements, it is worth giving us a call to discuss, on  01293 863992 or by email on

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