The AG Waterjet Cutter

Sheet stone fabrication evolves continuously, and with new materials come new processing challenges. In response to this, and as part of our continuous development of our workshop, AG has invested in an Intermac Primus 184 Waterjet Cutter.  This incredible CNC machine uses a powerful pump to force water (at 60,000 PSI) mixed with a precise amount of fine garnet sand through a cutting head 1.5mm wide.  The resulting jet is moving at just below Mach 3 and is capable of cutting through sheet stone at up to 50mm thick!  The cutting head is mounted on a precision 5 axis controller and is guided by powerful software which allows precise shapes and angles to be cut.

Intermac Primus 184 Waterjet Cutter Granite worktop suppliers Surrey
Giallo and amber archway marble cutting waterjet services quartz worktops

This amazing machine has transformed our ability to process ceramic, sintered and fragile natural materials. We are now at ease cutting granite, quartz, Dekton, Neolith, Laminam, Sapienstone and real marble into complex shapes. Creating bespoke curves for dual-material projects has become far more straightforward. Waterjet cutting for the win!

AG Waterjet Cutting Services

Owning the Waterjet cutter also allows us to take on projects for other customers in any water-resistant sheet material. AG Waterjet Services is the banner for all our cutting of customers’ own materials. It would be crazy to own such a complex machine which can handle a wide range of materials and not offer a service to nearby clients and businesses with occasional cutting needs. AG Waterjet Services are here to help!

waterjet cutting service at Affordable Granite - home of granite and quartz worktops Surrey

AG Waterjet Services - What can we cut?

A waterjet cutter can cut almost anything that will not be damaged by getting wet. Here are just some of the types of material that the Intermac Primus 184 Waterjet can cut:

•A custom mount from 10mm sheet Aluminium?  No problem

•A mosaic of two different stones?  Done…

•Scribing large floor tiles to match a curved wall?  We can even help with the measurements!

•Rubber mats for saw beds and other industrial uses? Easy!

•Foam materials for precision packing and storage of delicate equipment? Can do!

aluminium bracket arrangement cut by AG Waterjet services

In the roof space directly above the waterjet is a camera housing mounted on a custom bracket in 10mm aluminium plate. The camera is part of the machine’s computer-driven control system. The aluminium to secure the camera housing was cut on the machine that it now serves!

AG Waterjet Services - What sizes of materials can you handle?

What sizes of materials can you cut?

The Intermac Primus 184 Waterjet is capable of cutting sheet sizes at:

Maximum dimensions: 1860mm width x 4000mm length – 200mm thickness (soft materials)

Minimum dimensions: 200mm square

AG Waterjet services Giallo Reale marble on the cutter

AG Waterjet Services - Working with customers' own materials

All cutting processes involve some element of risk. That can entail errors in measurements or parameters of the cut, or inadvertent breakage during cutting, handling or transportation. When working with customers’ own materials, we normally operate all cutting or reworking (waterjet, saw, drilling, CNC cutters or polishing) on a disclaimer basis: Affordable Granite is not responsible for replacement of the material or for its value if anything does go wrong.

Given that the waterjet can cut such a variety of materials, clients may know more about the risks of their particular job than we do. We are happy to discuss risks and potential for loss of material well in advance of undertaking the work.

Garnet sand poured into the feed hopper of the Intermac Waterjet

Fine garnet sand pours into the waterjet’s feed hopper

Waterjet Cutting needs? Tell us about your project!

If you have a project that you think could use our waterjet cutting machine, please get in touch. Due to the range of different services that can be involved, including design and drawing elements, we can’t give an idea of price on the website, but will happily quote after discussing your requirements with you.  Our costings will depend on the material, thickness and the length of the cuts and any additional services (such as creating CAD drawings) that the job needs.

Use our contact form to get in touch, or just email or call 01293 863992

Final image – the Giallo Reale marble arch installed in a top London boutique hotel bathroom

London hotel bathroom giallo reale marble arch

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We are proud of our expertise and craftsmanship – from being able to give you good, honest advice before you buy, right through to installation and leaving everything spot on at the end. AG Waterjet cutting services are just one more way in which we can serve our local area with craftsmanship and great customer service. For questions, queries and quotes connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

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