The Affordable Granite Bin End Sale - The Great Granite Offcuts Offer!

Granite offcuts are the result of installing granite worktops. That is our main business, kitchen after kitchen, worktop after worktop, day in and day out.  But that main business generates left-overs – quartz and granite offcuts – and that means bargains for customers looking for small stone products and installations. For a guide to how we price our offcuts, please see here

Graniote slabs offcuts quartz offcuts bin end sale

The Affordable Granite Bin End Granite Offcuts Sale - What is included?

Offcuts from stock and bespoke slabs

Quartz and granite offcuts are leftover sections of slabs which have been cut. They can vary in size from a small windowsill or upstand, right up to a virtually complete quartz or granite slab.


Cutting plan from an actual kitchen. This is Slab 2, showing the wastage (= granite offcuts) as the shaded area

Granite and Quartz Seconds

Sometimes we receive stock which is mistakenly accepted at the door and yet which turns out to have some quality issues, or which is damaged in our warehouse or workshop. Our quality control on what actually goes into kitchens is extremely strict – and that occasionally leaves us with materials which are Grade 2. And that means… bargains for customers who are happy to take material with slight problems.

Blanco Massa Quartz BE150625 25094 inset problem offcuts seconds

A slab of BQS Blanco Massa quartz, showing (inset) the small white dots which caused it to be downgraded and sold as seconds.

End of Batch Slabs

Any granite worktops that we fit in a kitchen will come from the same batch of slabs. That means the same block, with natural stones, or the same production run with quartz or Dekton. When we buy slabs in bulk, perhaps 8, 10 or even 12 at a time, we run the risk of being left with a single slab which may not match the next consignment of slabs that we buy. As a single slab, especially in quartz, can be too small for many kitchens, these “end of batch” slabs can be harder to shift, and we are glad to sell them at a reduced price. As such they fall into our “offcuts and seconds” page, and we also sell them to trade in their uncut state, at a big reduction.

Blanco Maple granite offcuts look silestone seconds end of batch

An installation of Silestone Blanco Maple quartz.

The Affordable Granite Bin End Granite Offcuts Sale - What are they good for?

Small kitchens and utility rooms

A whole quartz slab can make a two run galley kitchen of moderate length with a low upstand. An 1800x650mm slab is often enough for a utility room. We charge less for small installations, and using a bargain from the Bin End Sale can be a really economical way to get a superb set of granite worktops for your kitchen!


A simple galley kitchen with stunning Labrador Antique Granite worktops. See case study in Horley.

Bathroom Vanity Tops

Generally smaller than utility rooms, but a a far more significant room in the house and perhaps one where you want to show off the beauty of natural stone or quartz. We don’t often install these, but every week we cut and polish at least one quartz offcut destined for a customer’s bathroom or cloakroom. Made to our customers’ specifications, these are generally then picked up from our Charlwood factory.
For an indication of costs involved in using an offcut to make a vanity top on a supply only basis, please see here.


A small vanity top with undermount sink and simple upstand

Windowsills, toilet cistern covers, shelves

There are more uses for stone in the home than first meet the eye! We sometimes find that customers who have come to us for their kitchen worktops and discover our quartz and granite offcuts keep coming back for more – again, supply only, made to their measurements.


Bedroom drawers are topped out with 20mm white quartz to make this classy TV shelf

Hearths, barbecue layouts and other hot zones!

There are situations where the heat resistance of real granite makes it an ideal – and very good-looking – option for various home-improvement projects. For firepits and hearths for woodburning stoves, only real granite will do, as the plastic content in quartz can char and discolour. Hearths are probably the most frequent destination for our natural stone offcuts, but we have also prepared stone for many other applications – even pizza ovens!

nero assoluto granite offcuts hearth charlwood horley surrey 133930

Raised hearth in smart black granite for this woodburning stove in Horley, Surrey

The Affordable Granite Bin End Granite Offcuts Sale - What's available?

At any given time we have far too many small offcuts to list fully. But we can publish a list of full slabs and larger available sections. You can see them here.
We also have a more technical listing of the available full slabs for the trade. The material there is available to the general public, though – especially appropriate if you have a small kitchen or large bathroom project on the go!

Finally, once again, for a guide to how we price our offcuts, please see here

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