Labour Only Work

The essence of a “Labour Only” job is that we are not supplying any stone. We don’t normally undertake work on a customer’s own granite (see the reasons in our recent blog on why not to buy worktops from EBay), but every rule is made to be broken and just occasionally we do Labour Only work, modifying existing granite worktops. This occurs mainly 1) very locally and 2) for worktops that we installed ourselves – we want to look after our customers.

For a brief guide to how we price Labour Only jobs, please see here.


Labour only work can include stone cutting or polishing for pieces brought into our Charlwood factory by customers, or work done at a customer’s own site. Very occasionally we may even bring a customer’s stone back here for machining before refitting.

With all of this labour only work, we proceed on the basis of disclaimer statements: we will do the best we can to do a careful job and avoid breakages, but cannot be held responsible for replacement of a customer’s own material. There are some situations where handling stone has a very high probability of breakage.

One special category of “Labour-Only” job is our AG Worktop Refurbishment package. Jump to the refurbishments page to read more. 

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