The Worktop Fabricators Federation

The Worktop Fabricators Federation is a trade body linking firms involved in the manufacture and fitting of solid stone worktops in the UK. It is sponsored by a number of key industry suppliers – suppliers both of granite and quartz and of machinery/tooling.

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The Worktop Fabricators Federation is committed to cooperation and excellence in the following areas:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental issues
  • Quality and General Professional Good Practice

Our industry is not an easy one to keep safe. And there is no shortage of fabricators willing to take shortcuts – either with their staff safety or with the quality of your worktops, or both. By grouping together to set high standards and hold each other to account, the WFF hopes to raise standards. Specifically, the Federation hopes to provide some assurance to the public that, when you buy from a WFF member company, you will get good, honest advice, an installation which keeps an eye on safety and the environment, and a sense that you are getting a quality product and service, and not using cowboys or fly-by-nights.

The WFF was formally launched at the KBB Show in Birmingham in March 2020.

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The Worktop Fabricators Federation – Objectives

Networking – Develop relationships between members to exchange knowledge and experience.


Improve Health & Safety – Reduce dangerous working environments. Promote a pro-active approach to safety in the industry


Supplier Interaction – To develop a constructive dialogue between suppliers and fabricators for the good of the industry


Encourage Best Practice – To reduce on-site work,  mechanise workshops and encourage training


Industry Training – Introduce sector-specific training & E-Learning


Become a Recognised Brand – Trusted by other bodies & Government, seen to be proactive, progressive and credible.


Grow Business – Promote growth in the worktops fabrication market through our members.


Discourage unprofessional companies that are unwilling to improve. 

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Why buy your worktops from a Worktop Fabricators Federation Company?

You, our customers, can rely on companies who are members of the WFF to strive towards best practice in manufacturing, keeping their staff and those around them safe. While we do not warrant individual members’ delivered work, our members aim to continuously invest in training, processes and technology to deliver the very best and most dependable service, and to trade ethically at all times.

Our members will have workshops where Health and Safety are controlled and managed. They will train their staff, pay their taxes, insure against public risks and commit to keeping up with developments in the Worktop industry

Affordable Granite and the Worktop Fabricators Federation

Affordable Granite and the Worktop Fabricators Federation 

Affordable Granite is proud to have been part of the WFF since the very beginning. Andy Phillips, our owner and MD was part of a group of Fabricators who met during a trip to Caesarstone. That visit led to a conversations about the challenges in our industry, and to a network of new friendships. Something of the story of the development of the WFF from the first conversations is told here.

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WFF Founding Fathers:

Andy Phillips, Affordable Granite;  Mark Mills, Stone System of London

Mem Zekayi, Granite UK; Simon Souter, LBS

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With Mem’s retirement, a new WFF Director recently added is Ben Prole, of Bellagio Stone

We are Affordable Granite, a leading quartz and granite worktop manufacturer in the South East. We are committed to cooperation and teamwork that can lift our own standards, and the standards across our sector, ever higher. We are proud to be part of the WFF. For information about the Federation, please see our website at or contact