Comparing quartz worktops: white sparkly quartz

Images showing various white mirror/sparkly quartz materials – sometimes alongside non-sparkly materials which we had in stock at the same period.
Lighting may vary from shot to shot – the important thing is that all samples in the same shot were under the same light!

Just before you look…
It is important to note what these images do NOT show:
1. These images are not necessarily of our STOCK quartzes. The vast majority would have to be bought specially
2. We cannot guarantee that the materials shown are available in the UK or even still in production
3. We cannot guarantee that the appearance of the materials has not changed. Manufacturers can alter the mix!
(For these last two reasons, images are shown with the year they were taken)
4. By and large, these images are of small samples, and do not show big-scale pattern across the slab.

120808 arenastone bianco stelline silestone blanco stellar white platinum lapland cimstone compac lactea hanstone specchio white
Arenastone Bianco Stelline, Compac Lactea, Cimstone Lapland, Silestone Blanco Stellar, Silestone White Platinum, Hanstone Specchio White
© Affordable Granite August 2012
180327 Picasso White Stellar BQS White Shimmer

Subtle white sparkly quartz: Picasso White Stellar, CRL Arctic Shimmer
© Affordable Granite March 2018

180615 Cambria Whitney Silestone Blanco Stellar Classic quartz Glitter Branco

Big sparkle white quartz worktops:  Cambria Whitney, Silestone Blanco Stellar, Classic Quartz Glitter Branco
© Affordable Granite June 2018

180201 Silestone Miami white picasso white stellar classic quartz ice branco BQS white shimmer

Subtle white sparkly quartz: Classic Quartz Ice Branco, BQS White Shimmer, Silestone Miami White, Picasso White Stellar
© Affordable Granite February 2018

180201 Silestone Blanco Stellar Picasso White Stellar

Stock white sparkly quartz: Silestone Blanco Stellar, Picasso White Stellar
© Affordable Granite February 2018

150116 quarella blanco luciente quantra polar

White sparkly quartz: Quarella Blanco Luciente, Quantra Polar
© Affordable Granite January 2015

130926 beltrami white mirrorlux radianz mont blanc silestone blanco stellar

White sparkly quartz worktops: Beltrami White Mirrorlux, Radianz Mont Blanc, Silestone Blanco Stellar
© Affordable Granite September 2013

150430 quarella blanco paloma classic quartz marbre carrara dekton zenith quantra nexus beltrami blanco massa silestione blanco stellar

Stock man-made worktop materials: Quarella Blanco Paloma, Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara, Dekton Zenith, Quantra Nexus, Beltrami Blanco Massa, Silestone Blanco Stellar
© Affordable Granite April 2015

150930 beltrami blanco massa dekton zenith kairos ariane silestone blanco stellar affordable white

Stock white worktops: Beltrami Blanco Massa, Dekton Zenith, Dekton Kairos, Dekton Ariane, Silestone Blanco Stellar, Affordable White Quartz
© Affordable Granite September 2015

150930 river white granite colonial affordable blanco stellar quarella blanco paloma

Stock white worktops including granites: River White Granite, Colonial White Granite, Affordable White, Silestone Blanco Stellar, Quarella Blanco Paloma
© Affordable Granite September 2015

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