Classic Quartz Stone - A Strong Newcomer in the UK Quartz Market


Classic Quartz Stone is a relatively new player on the UK quartz field, but the Reading-based company has grown rapidly and built a solid customer base among quartz and granite worktop fabricators like ourselves. In a two year period they grew their staff from 5 to 14, and are still on the way up!

In particular, they have become a go to brand for marble-look materials, with a range so wide that we have real trouble keeping track of all the options! As a result, this page will not show the entire range, but pick out some of the stones which we have fitted with success and which offer something unique and special. We can easily obtain their full range, though, so feel free to browse the CQ website and then approach us for a quote in any of their materials.

Unlike many of the big names in quartz, like Caesarstone or Cambria, Classic Quartz does not make quartz. Instead, as they put it on their website, “At Classic Quartz Stone we make a determined effort to wholesale the finest quality engineered quartz slabs for use in homes and commercial properties.” They source their materials from a number of factories in Asia, and then pull them together as a branded range in the UK. They are not unique in that approach. What is special is the commitment to innovative designs, a good eye for what’s on trend, generally consistent quality and involved, interested customer service. And of course, the price point is very competitive.


Classic Quartz San Vincente quartz worktops installed in a Sussex Home by Affordable Granite

Classic Quartz Stone Andrew King Photography 081905 a
Classic Quartz Stone Andrew King Photography 093741 a

Neatly stacked samples and radio-controlled crane system at Classic Quartz’ well-run Reading warehouse. 

Classic Quartz - Product Range

There are a large number of Classic Quartz stones available for kitchen worktops. We can source all of them, and quickly, through a good relationship with CQ, and their responsive customer service. Here is a selection of some of our favourites – especially worktop quartz which is on trend or which fills a slot in the market where there is a lack of options.

Just click on the images to see whole slabs, close ups and (for some products) installation pictures. Some images provided by Classic Quartz, and are not necessarily AG installations.

Classic Quartz - White marble-look quartz worktops

San Vincente

A gentle Carrara-type stone, without too much marbling.

Marbre Carrara

Carrara-type stone, with slightly stronger marbling. We used to stock CQ Marbre Carrara and installed it in a lot of kitchens – see our case study.

Light Carrara

Carrara-type stone, with very delicate but definite marbling.

Alaska Bianca

Thin spidery veins make this an incredibly affordable entry-level quartz for the long-vein marble look. Available in book-matched slabs. See our case study.


Long delicate veins on an off-white background.


Carrara-type stone but with some long-veining. CQ have changed the recipe for this a few times; we have installed a good few worktops in it.


Bold veins make a big statement with Monaco quartz worktops


Carrara-type with a hint at longer veining.


Longer veins which fade into translucence in a very realistic way

Calacatta Blanco

Very delicate long-vein, Calacatta marble-type quartz

Calacatta Gold

The Calacatta marble look with the hint of colour. Compares favourably in looks with other “Calacatta Gold” quartz worktops on the market, and wins on price too!

Calacatta Grigio

A more definite vein in this lovely Calacatta-style stone,

Calacatta Lusso

Calacatta-look marble quartz with more colour in background and vein

Calacatta Milan

Calacatta marble-look quartz with striking parallel striations and veining

Calacatta Vegle

Strongest colour in the beautifully patterned veins in this excellent take on the Calacatta look.

Torrano Gold

Calacatta-look at an affordable price.

Torrano Grey

Very similiar to the Gold version but with less colour and a possibly more definite veining.

Torrano Perla

Delicate balance between the gold and grey versions of this stone


Bold grey veins on a very white background

Statuario Grigio

Statuario Light

Statuario with a lighter grey in the veining

Statuario Milan

Beautiful veining in this statuario-type marble-quartz

Statuario Vegle

Striking detail in the veining

Statuario Venato

Shown here in a leather finish

Classic Quartz - Darker marble-look quartz worktops

Roma Black

Black, delicately veined quartz for kitchen worktops

Roma Grey

Slightly greige background colour with delicate veining

New England

Thin veins on a sandy cream background


A “dark carrara” for those wanting avoid a white worktop


Long veins on a darker grey background


Warm gold/brown veining on a grey background

Classic Quartz - Non-marble materials

Clasic Quartz have a wide range of non-marble look products. However, there is a lot of overlap with other materials. To check out the full range, see their website. Here are just a few which may be of interest.

Café Gris

An unusual and useful coffee-greige


Fiji is a firm favourite with us – on trend and at a great price, we have included it in our stock quartz materials.


A good, concrete-look quartz