Compac - innovation and beauty from Spain

Compac may be one of the less well-known names in Quartz, at least in the UK, but they are leaders in development and innovation. The Spanish firm has been making Quartz for kitchen worktops for a long time. Founded in Valencia in 1975, we have always looked to Compac for some of the best marble-emulating materials. 

Compac quartz worktops new logo March 2023
Compac Ice Black 110415 a

Compac’s natural-look stones have never been cheap, but have been strong on colour range available, realism and surface polish. At the other end of the price scale, old faithfuls like the dark grey Plomo and lighter grey Ceniza – the latter in our stock range – represent great value and very consistent quality.

Compac functional quartz worktops

Compac Functional Range – dependable tones that work in almost any kitchen

Compac- Product Range

Like other quartz worktop manufacturers, Compac divides their range up onto groups. Here are some of their key colours, as of March 2023.

Compac - Group 1


Granular sandy tones


A light granular grey which is one of the most dependable and functional quartz stones we know. We hold Compac Ceniza in stock.


A darker, granular grey. Dark greys can be problematic – Plomo is one of the best performers  in kitchen use.


Off-white, lightly granular

Obsidiana Volcano Light

Light grey with very user-friendly patterning – Compac Obsidiana products include a high percentage of recycled glass

Obsidiana Volcano Grey

Slightly darker granular grey from the Obsidiana range.

Compac - Group 2


Off-white with faint speckling


Slightly granular white. (This Compac product is not to be confused with the Global Lunar which we hold in stock.)


Very dark grey/black with slight granularity


Natural textured pattern in a warm greige; good looking and punches above its weight on price


Large-grain white quartz

Compac - Group 3

Absolut Blanc

One of the purest white quartz worktops available, Absolut Blanc is stunning!

Smoke Grey

A very smooth, fine-grained grey, Compac Smoke Grey looks superb in monochrome kitchens

Zement Ice

Beautiful stone, but we have had customers who have had some metal transfer from the bottom of pans onto this hard surface. We tend to avoid selling this material.


Compac’s take on the classic Carrara marble look

Obsidiana Volcano Fog

Another lovely material from the Compac Obsidiana (recycled glass) range

Obsidiana Volcano Pearl

Deeper grey and lovely texture in the pattern

Obsidiana Volcano Dark

Darkest of the Obsidiana series

Obsidiana Volcano Cloud

Misty grey swirls

Compac - Group 4

Unique Pietra

Superb take on the classic Pietra Grey marble look

Unique Venatino

Delicate grey on white veining

Unique Argento

White/grey veins on a mid-grey background

Unique Arabescato

Delicately veined white marble quartz

Compac - Group 5

Unique Calacatta

Classic big vein white quartz

Unique Calacatta Black

Very strong black veins on white ground

Unique Calacatta Gold

Calacatta-look quartz with gold in the vein

Unique Calacatta Macchia Vecchia

Complex veining as Compac’s copy of this well-known marble

Unique Calacatta Blue

As the Calacatta but with a subtle blue in the vein

Unique Calacatta Green

As the Calacatta but with a subtle green in the vein

Unique Marquina

Black marble-look quartz with a fine white vein and mottle

Unique Statuario

Bold veins on a white ground

Unique Statuario Gold

As the Statuario but with gold in the veins

Nebulous Gold

Fine grey and gold veining/mottling on a white ground
Created by Arik Levy


Delicate dark, blocky, veins on a white ground
Created by Arik Levy

Compac - Group 6

Genesis Ice White

Black veins and white mottling on a greige background

Genesis Ice Black

Stunning white and greige veining on a black background

Genesis Max Black

Broad and strong white veining on a black ground

Genesis Ice Max Pure

Copious grey veining on a white background

Genesis Ice Gold

Fine grey/black veins surrounded by gold mottling
Created by Arik Levy

Genesis Ice Viola

Fine grey/black veins surrounded by violet/raspberry mottling
Created by Arik Levy

Genesis Ice Ink

Stronger black veins on a white background
Created by Arik Levy

Genesis Ice Gold

Fine grey/black veins surrounded by green mottling
Created by Arik Levy

We are Affordable Granite – long-term installers of quartz worktops from Compac of Spain as well as other leading brands of quartz. We are here to help. If you are interested in any of the Compac products on this page – or any not shown on this page – please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or a quote, or to request a sample.




Please note that not all installation photos are of our own work. Some are from Compac sites around the world, and many have been sent officially by the manufacturer. If the use of any image used breaches copyright, please let us know and we will take it down. Sample/slab images are a mix of our own and material sent by Compac.