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Affordable Granite provides a number of services to our customers. We use various terms and phrases to describe them, in quotation letters, on this website and elsewhere. Just what do those terms mean? It can be confusing for people who are doing up a kitchen for the first time, so here is a guide to demystify some of the jargon and clarify what we are all about.

Full fit: template, manufacture, delivery and installation

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Our bread and butter – the bulk of our work and the bulk of the quotes we tender is our full template and fit service. For how we price this, please see our granite and quartz pricing pages. If you live a long way from us, you may also want to look at how we price for long-distance installations.

This service involves TWO visits to your home. One person comes to template – to measure up carefully and make mock-ups of your granite worktops in a kind of plastic sheet. Those templates are brought back to our factory and the worktops are manufactured. Finally, two or more fitters deliver the sections and install them in your home. The only cutting and finishing that is generally needed on the customer’s site is for the upstands and occasionally the hob cutout.

It’s all about responsibility. When we commit to the full template and fit service we are committing to getting solid stone worktops to fit correctly in your kitchen. We are responsible for measuring, and on the basis of those measurements, we are responsible for making and installing. If something goes wrong (as it does, from time to time – this is life!) we are responsible for sorting it out.  Please note that:

  • We won’t fit what we haven’t templated
  • We won’t template without installing

Templating, manufacture, delivery and installation are links in a chain and we won’t break them up!

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labrador antique granite horley galley kitchen

Seb, one of our leading fitters, working on an upstand in a Horley kitchen

Supply only


Supply only jobs are at the other end of the spectrum. Supply only means just what it says: the customer tells us what to make, in terms of dimensions and specifications and we make it. The product – whatever it is – has to be picked up from our factory, as is.

Supply only jobs very frequently use bin-end, offcut or seconds materials available at knock-down prices.

Supply only jobs for ordinary members of the public are almost always for single runs, occasionally with an associated upstand. Where there is a sink cutout, it is often central and unpolished. Bathroom vanity tops are the obvious example, along with hearths and windowsills. Anything larger and more complicated is generally too daunting, and we would certainly recommend going for the full template and fit service, even though it costs more.

For how we price small Supply only jobs, please see here.

The exception to that rule is the builder. We have a number of regular trade customers who supply us with their own templates. We then make, and the tradesman picks up from our factory. This can be supply-only for whole kitchens! But you really need to know what you are doing, and to be honest the system works best over the long haul, as any issues of communication and template style are ironed out and we are able to dovetail our approach right into the builder’s way of specifiying. Good value when it works, though!


Supply and Deliver


This is exactly the same as supply only in terms of responsibility for measurements and fitting, but we deliver to you. We can’t always do this, and costs vary depending on distance and number of people required to offload at your end. But it is a handy service if this is what you need.

For how we price the delivery part of Supply and Deliver jobs, please see here.

Labour only

We don’t normally undertake work on a customer’s own granite (see the reasons in our recent blog on why not to buy worktops from EBay), but every rule is made to be broken and just occasionally we do labour only work, modifying existing granite worktops. This occurs mainly 1) very locally and 2) for worktops that we installed ourselves – we want to look after our customers.

For a brief guide to how we price Labour Only jobs, please see here.


We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We are proud of our expertise and craftsmanship – from being able to give you good, honest advice before you buy, right through to installation and leaving everything spot on at the end. For questions, queries and quotes connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on sales@affordablegranite.co.uk/ .

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