Stock Sinks - our Regular Undermounted Stainless Steel Sink Offering

Undermounted sinks really add to the impact of new granite worktops. Positioned beneath the worktop with the polished edge of the granite slightly overhanging the bowl, they maintain a sleek line and maintain maximum work surface area. The majority of undermounted sinks sold in the UK are made from stainless steel. (For more about sink types and images of many different units, please see here.)

We have chosen stainless steel units from the 1810 Sink Company® for our stock sinks. All are manufactured from high quality steel, with a coating of Insusound® for quietness and thermal insulation. But if stainless steel isn’t your thing and you would like a sink in another material (ceramic or quartz), please let us know as we are able to buy sinks from a variety of suppliers including Blanco, Franke, Astracast and Sterling distribution.

The stock sinks shown here represent products that we hold as standard. If you don’t see a sink here that meets your requirements, please just call or email as we have access to a vast range of sinks and taps to suit every possible taste.


All the prices shown below include VAT.

1810 Company Etro Range

Traditional stainless steel sinks, with large curves into their corners, the Etro range represents amazing value for money and great practicality. Like all 1810 sinks, they have a sound and thermal insulation layer, and with their big curved corners are particularly easy to keep clean.

1810 Company Etroduo 589/450U with Curvato Tap

Requires minimum 600mm base unit

Our most frequently sold sink and tap combo. The 1810 Company Etroduo 589/450U is available in three configurations – Big Bowl Left, Big Bowl Right and symmetrical or Reversible. We stock all three, and frequently sell them in conjunction with the Curvato tap from the same supplier. The tap is itself available in chrome or brushed steel finishes. The most popular combination, with brushed steel, retails at £382 Inc VAT.

can I replace my worktops? black pearl granite crawley

1810 Company Etrouno 340U - £149 inc VAT

Requires minimum 400mm base unit

1810 Company Etrouno 400U - £160

Requires minimum 500mm base unit

1810 Company Etroduo 589/450U - £235 inc VAT

Requires minimum 600mm base unit

These stock sinks are available in Big Bowl Right (BBR), Big Bowl Left (BBL) and Reversible (REV), symmetrical versions.


Big Bowl Right


Big Bowl Right


Big Bowl Right – Technical


Big Bowl Left




Reversible – Technical

Other Etrouno and Etroduo products are also available from Affordable Granite. The Etrouno 550U requires a 600mm cabinet and retails from us at £189. If you are looking for an economical one-and-a-half bowl sink and have a big cabinet space to play with (800 or 900mm) then look at the Etroduo 781/450U (£320 inc VAT) and the Etroduo 535/191U (£350 inc VAT).

1810 Company Luxsoplus Range

We have also recently been working with the 1810 Company Luxsoplus Range. These handsome sinks have 25mm radius corners – possibly the ideal compromise between the very wide cornered Etro range and the very tight Zen range.

The 340/160 Luxsoplus sink is probably taking over from the Etroduop as our most popular one-and-a-half bowl sink. Seen here mounted under Black Galaxy granite worktops in a Horsham, West Sussex, kitchen, the sink is smart, practical and great value.

Luxsoplus sink 360/140 in Black Galaxy Granite worktop horsham

1810 Luxsoplus25 450U - £275 inc VAT

Requires minimum 500mm base unit
Luxsoplus 450U top view The Cassie Barbasio Memorial Sink Cabinet Correction 20 March 2024
Luxsoplus 450U side view

1810 Luxsoplus25 500U - £285 inc VAT

Requires minimum 600mm base unit
1810 Company Luxsoplus 500 granite worktops surrey

1810 Luxsoplus25 Duo 340/160 - £340 inc VAT

Requires minimum 600mm base unit
Luxoplus 25 duo 340 160 LPD-160-340-3-1200.jpg

The Luxsoplus Duo 340/160 is a fine one-and-a-half bowl undermount sink, available in Big Bowl Right (BBR) and Big Bowl Left (BBL) versions.

1810 Company Zen Range

The 1810 Company Zen range incorporates the latest trend to very square, boxy sinks. However, the completely hard, right-angled corners of the main Zen range are very difficult for us to match with a totally square cutout, and are equally hard for our customers to clean. The Zen15 range keeps that contemporary square look, but softens the corners to a 15mm radius, which is about the minimum required for reasonable cleaning. We can also match that radius in the cutout, so everything looks matching and right.

1810 Company Zenuno15 400U - £315

Requires minimum 500mm base unit

1810 Zenuno15 500U - £340 inc VAT

Requires minimum 600mm base unit

1810 Zenuno15 700U - £440 inc VAT

Requires minimum 800mm base unit

1810 Zenduo15 400/400U - £640 inc VAT

Requires minimum 900mm base unit

Other Zenuno15 and Zenduo15 sinks are also available from Affordable Granite. There are deeper versions of some products, while some also have waste holes offset to one side, making them suitable for installing in mirrored pairs. Finally, Many of the sinks are also available in other metalllic finishes: Copper, Gunmetal and Gold-brass. All off those are right on trend and complement currently popular industrial-look and greige worktops.

Please call our sales team on 01293 863992 or email us for further advice.