AG Worktops and Affordable Granite

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Since May 2022 some of our vans have been seen out on the road with a new brand name. Instead of Affordable Granite we now have AG Granite Worktops alongside the famous silver and green logo. And instead of we see What is behind this change? Is AG Worktops a departure from the loved and respected Affordable Granite brand?

We have been in business as Affordable Granite for nearly 20 years. Our recent use of the AG Worktops brand reflects the diversifying of our market and our own role in it. Our customers are still expecting great value in kitchen worktops, but are also looking for the very best quality, with exacting standards of customer service and excellence in installation. The very best is what we offer.

The word “Affordable” is a little bit of a double-edged sword. When we began, we were the most affordable granite company in the UK, and by a country mile. We travelled everywhere, and we undercut everyone.

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We could have stayed in that “pile it high, sell it cheap” market, but we chose not to. As the UK solid-stone worktops market has developed, we have developed with it. We are not just a man with a van, and we can’t remember when we last cut stone worktops in someone’s garden. Our highly equipped and constantly updated factory, our skilled stonemasons, our professional and helpful office team and our fleet of vans say things about us that the word “Affordable” does not.

The AGWorktops web address directs to its own homepage, but from there navigation goes straight into the main Affordable Granite website. Our encyclopaedic hoard of information on all things kitchen worktops remains unchanged, as does the outstanding knowledge-base and customer service which lies behind those pages. Affordable Granite and AG Worktops are one and the same, online and in the flesh! 

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Whichever name you know us by, be assured of our commitment to you, our customer. We never sub-contract, using our own highly experienced team to template and fit worktops which we cut and polish in our well-equipped Surrey workshop. In this historic period, we are proud to take the Affordable Granite concept forward as AG Worktops!