A – Z of bespoke colours previously installed by Affordable Granite

This list is by no means exhaustive of all possible stones suitable for granite kitchen worktops; names change and sometimes stones sold as granites are known by two or three different names.

Please also note that over time materials change and some quarries run out completely; if we are aware of difficulties obtaining material there will be some information in the availability section. Most importantly, many of these materials are extremely variable and we would recommend viewing/selecting the slabs personally.

£ – ££££££ is only a very rough guide and can depend on many different factors at the time of quotation. All these materials involve buying-in from wholesalers in the UK in order to fabricate your granite worktops.

Name Also known as DescriptionAvailability£ - ££££££
African RedA strong red colour with black mottle Not easily available ££
Angola Black Nero AngolaBlack with grey black crystalline pattern fairly consistent Readily available££
Angola BlueBlues in the night or Midnight blueCrystalline pattern as Angola black but with vivid royal blue flecks fairly consistentReadily available£££
Angola GoldLike Angola black but with small gold flecks (not as distinct as Black/Star Galaxy)Little or no availability ££££
Angola SilverLike Angola black but the grey flecks are more silvery Not so easily available as Angola black£££
Antique BrownDark Brown medium crystalline patternOK£££
Antique PersaVery variable££££
Arctic CreamPlease see our case study in Oxted, quite variable OK££££
Azul PlatinoPlease see our case study in East Grinstead,  fairly consistentReadily available£
Balmoral redA fairly consistent brick red mottled with black and greyOK££
Bianco SardoLunar PearlWhite with grey and black mottleOK£
Blues in the NightSee Angola Blue
Brazillian GoldVariableNot currently knownNot currently known
Bros BlueBlue to grey mauve blue with a striated patternOK£££
China GreenA green/mossy pattern but batches vary enormouslyOK££
Cosmic BlackStriking black stone with strong white wavy patternsOK££££
Cosmic WhitePlease see our case study in RedhillOK££
CosmosStargateA consistent Black with steely grey/silver flecks (more muted than Galaxy)Readily available£££
Costa SmereldaA very light greenOK££££
Dakota MahoganyVaries in pattern depending where from, swirly to mottledOK£££
Duke WhiteSwirly white/grey, a little like Silver CloudCheck at time of order£££
Emerald BlackA bit like our Black PearlReadily available££
Giallo VenetianoBeigey tones with black Readily available£££
Golden GloryMadura GoldA strong gold colourOK£££
Ivory BrownShivakashiPale creamy background can have pink and brown flecks OK£££
Ivory WhiteA beautiful off white with grey linea flow of pattern through it OK£££
Juperana BordeauxVery variable beige background with blush and burgundy mottle OK££££
Juperana PersaA lively gold with a bold patternOK££££
Labrador AntiqueBrown background with large azure blue pearlised flecksOK££££££
Lemon SpicePlease see our case study in East Grinstead,  Very VariableOK££££
Lunar PearlSee Bianco Sardo
Madura GoldSee Golden Glory
Magma blackBlack with golden brown: volcanic lookingOK££££££
Midnight BlueSee Angola Blue
MororoWarm blush beige tonesNot that easily available£££
Nero ImpalaRustenberg, Bon AccordBlack/grey speckleReadily available££
Panna FragolaFairly plain winter white like a loaf of breadOK££££
PagausWild pattern brown and creamOK£££
Paisley GoldPlease see our case study in BetchworthCheck££££
PiracemaStunning grey with rivers of patternCheck at time of order£££££
Polaris BlueDark almost black background with large azure blue pearlised flecksOK£££££
RosewoodVariable blue to rusty tonesNot readily available££££
Rosso MulticolourRed/Brown swirly patternOK£££
Samba GoldStrong gold colour OK£££
Sapphire BrownLike Tan Brown but beige instead of red brown and with blue grey backgroundOK££
ShivakashiSee Ivory Brown
Silver CloudLight grey/ white with linear movementCheck at time of order££££
StargateSee Cosmos
Taj MahalGreenish to yellow, subtle veiningCheck£££££££
UbatubaVerde UbatubaBlack with strong green/gold crystal structure Readily available££
Venetian GoldNew Venetian GoldStrong gold and black patternOK££
Verde GloriaDark greenOK£££
Verde SavannahDark green and white swirly patternOK£££
Vizag BlueVery variable mauve/blue-grey with striated patternOK££
ZimbabwePlain black from Africa: very similar to our Nero Assoluto which is more economical as we import from IndiaReadily available££