The Affordable Granite Bin End Granite Offcuts Sale - What's available?
The following colours are mostly available in single slabs of at least 2.5 metres long and at least 1.25 metres high, some in 20mm, some in 30-mm and some in both. Slabs this size are enough for two worktop runs in a small kitchen, for a big bathroom layout, or for a big single island. Many of the slabs are larger, and in some of these stones we have two slabs.  See each image below for more information. Many of these stones are left over from expensive buy-ins. In our bin end sale you can pick up a real bargain on an exotic stone at a very low price.


As well as the colours listed as large slabs, we also have a far larger number of smaller offcuts in a wider range of colours. These would be ideal for smaller projects – vanity tops, larder shelves, garden tables and the rest. For more information on supply only of vanity tops and the like from us, see here.


For what is actually involved in this offer – how we cost the job etc – please see the end of this article.


Natural Stones – Granite 



Azul Platino Granite



Black Galaxy Granite – various offcuts, plus 20mm material, but one slab 3000x2000x30mm


Black Pearl Granite Worktops installation in Westhumble

Black Pearl Granite – various offcuts, but one big slab 3040x1990x30mm. This material is economical at the best of times – here is a real bargain if you are looking for a granite worktops offer.



Blue Pearl Granite – various offcuts, but two (not batch matched) slabs at over 3100x1860mm big slab. Superb, high end stone at an entry-level granite worktop price.

Colonial White Granite
(Cosentino Sensa brand – presealed.) The most practical light-coloured natural stone, because of that amazing 15 year guarantee seal. (Slab shown not necessarily the same batch as those in the granite worktops offer.)


Cosmic Black Granite Two big slabs – a whole big kitchen’s worth!


Emerald Pearl Granite – one big slab at 3200x1900x20mm. As with the Blue Pearl, here is a luxury stone at a big discount.


Ivory Fantasy Granite – one big slab of 20mm material


kashmir gold granite worktop horsham 140921_a_island_red

Kashmir Gold Granite – one big slab of 20mm material


Midnight -Blue-Swatch

Midnight Blue Granite – two big non-matching 30mm slabs.



Nero Assoluto Granite – with our swap to Zimbabwe Black as our main pure black, we have several large slabs of various batches of Nero Assoluto, with varying degrees of speckling.



River White Granite


Stargate (aka Cosmos)

Stargate Granite


granite worktops bookham steel-grey-kitchen-undermount

Steel Grey Granite – 20mm only


Tan Brown Granite – 1950×1600 30mm




In addition to the above worktop slabs in 30mm, we also have a number of singleton 20mm slabs of natural stone which might suit a trade customer looking for splashback or vanity unit material.  These would include: Stargate (Cosmos), Steel Grey, and Ivory Fantasy.


Engineered Stones – Quartz and Dekton

Quartz is suitable for installing as kitchen worktops at 20mm or 30mm thickness. All the Dekton listed here is at 20mm.

Unless stated otherwise below, assume this full size quartz slabs to be 3000x1400mm


Arden Blue quartz Silestone worktops

Silestone Arden Blue


Quarella Bianco Savoia G2171124 32027 094740a

Quarella Bianco Savoia


bin end sale granite worktops offer

Black Mirror Quartz – three slabs available. On this granite worktops offer, here is the cheapest black sparkly quartz you are ever going to find.



Silestone Blanco Maple


Blanco Norte

Silestone Blanco Norte Suede

bin end sale granite worktops offer

Lunastone Caramello Quartz – One slab. A taupe/beige/mustard sparkly quartz.



Crema Pepe

Arenastone Crema Pepe





Silestone Blanco Norte (suede finish) – big brand granular white at an entry level price.




bin end sale granite worktops offer

Compac Cenisa – in a world where light, cool greys are hugely popular, Cenisa is great value even without a half price offer. We have one slab at 30mm.


bin end sale granite worktops offer

Compac Cool Grey – one standard slab, 20mm thickness. Smoother, less granular grey from the big Spanish manufacturer.



Dekton Sirius – two slabs 3250x1450x20mm


SIROCCO Encimera 2

Dekton Sirocco – two slabs



Silestone Doradus – one 20mm slab






Grigio Platino

Arenastone Grigio Platino – one of my favourites, this gentle, pebbly grey is very natural looking, yet with all the non-porous advantages of quartz. We have a single 30mm slab on offer.




silestone gris expo butler sink affordable quartz worktops

Silestone Gris Expo 



Quarella Imperial Black – as close to a pure black as you can get in a quartz.




silestone lagoon

Silestone Lagoon





Silestone Lyra




Silestone Nuit Bleu (now discontinued)


classic-san-vincente-quartz-granite-worktops-ditchling-sussexClassic Quartz San Vincente



Silestone Unsui

Silestone Unsui – Smooth taupe/brown quartz. We have one jumbo 3150x1590x30mm slab.

There are a number of others too! Please see lists here.


In addition to the above, we have a number of Dekton slabs at 12mm thickness. The are available on a supply-only basis – we will not cut or machine them.


Here’s the deal:

  • All materials are sold subject to availability, while stocks last.
  • The granite worktops offer features very low prices on the materials, with our normal templating, manufacturing and installation charges. Given that the stone cost on a kitchen worktop installation is generally more than 50% of the total cost involved, half price or better on the material translates to a 25% or more discount on the whole job.
  • Vanity tops, hearths and other small items will be manufactured on a supply only basis to your measurements. Our usual manufacturing costs will apply, but we intend to cut offcut prices very low for material in the New Year.
  • Some of the materials are seconds, in the sense of the odd imperfection or scratch. If any stone interests you, call us to discuss. Best of all, come in and see the slabs.
  • These slabs can be bought on a trade basis – picked up as slabs at a massively discounted price with, this granite worktops offer includes some material not listed here – for instance Dekton 12mm slabs in several colours. Call us or email for more information. A full list of available full slabs for trade (not including the far larger number of offcuts) is available here.

We are Affordable Granite, the leading installer of granite and quartz worktops in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. For samplesquotes and any questions connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .