Stock Quartz Colours:

If you are looking for quartz worktops, there is no better and more cost-effective way of buying them than by opting for one of our stock materials. These are selected lines from leading brands that represent a good working range of relatively economical stones. Because we buy in bulk and pass on the substantial discounts that come with that, we are able to offer enviable prices for some quality stones.

Cimstone Arcadia quartz worktops Crawley, Sussex

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Buying in bulk also means that wastage is reduced. Suppose your kitchen needs just over one slab. From our stock range we will cut into two slabs, but the remainder of the second will just go forward to the next job.
If we buy in especially for you, on a bespoke basis, then you will have to at least help us cover the basic cost of both slabs. This does not help the price of your quartz worktops!
We hold the following stock quartz worktop materials:

Standard Range:

Global Crema

Granular cream quartz. See our case study in very similar Cimstone Oasis.

Compac Cenisa

Granular light-grey quartz.

global lunar quartz worktops

Global Lunar

Softly granular white quartz

Superior Range:

Quarella Blanco Paloma

Granular white quartz. See our case study in very similar Cimstone Arcadia.

Radianz Columbia Grey

Granular mid-grey quartz.

20mm only while stocks last!

Premium Range:

Silestone Blanco Stellar

White sparkly quartz. See our case study of Silestone Blanco Stellar quartz worktops in Crawley, Surrey


Silestone Negro Stellar

Black sparkly quartz. See our case study of Silestone Negro Stellar quartz worktops in Smallfield, Surrey.

Silestone Gris Stellar

Grey sparkly quartz. See our case study of very similar sparkly grey quartz worktops (Brillo Gris) in Horley, Surrey.

Affordable White

We try to always hold stock of a purer, less granular white, which we brand ourselves as Affordable White. Click for a full case study.

Affordable Carrara

White marbled quartz.

Caesarstone Clamshell

Greige quartz with distinctive fossil shell look

Premium Plus Range:

Radianz Makalu Silver

Fine grain light-grey quartz with a much more subtle sparkle than Silestone Gris Stellar

While Stocks Last!

Classic Quartz Ice Branco

Classic Quartz Ice Branco

Fine grain white quartz with a much more subtle sparkle than Blanco Stellar.

Premium Plus Extra Range:

Cullifords Misty Carrera quartz 135716 swatch red

Culliford Misty Carrara

White, marble-look quartz. Available in polished or matt finishes.

Cimstone Cortina

A fantastic marble-look quartz with a delicate but not over-dominating vein

Silestone Miami Vena

Slightly granular background on this soft marble-look quartz from Silestone

Bespoke Quartz Worktops

Can’t see what you are looking for? In addition to our stock quartz range, we supply quartz worktops on a bespoke, bought-in, basis from the following manufacturers:



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