Bloomstone Carrara Glacier Quartz Worktops
feather bloomstone carrara glacier quartz

Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I saw the sales figures for our June/July special offer. The Bloomstone Carrara Glacier has been one of our most successful ‘specials’ ever, with a huge volume sold in just a few weeks. 

I am, of course, the official Affordable Granite Grumpy Old Git in the Office. Knocking on 60 and a bit of a purist, I like man-made stones to either look thoroughly man-made or be a really good copy of something in the natural world. I am not fond of unnatural hybrids, and I have not found it easy to be totes enthusiastic about Bloomstone Carrara Glacier as a result. The stone is a large-veined marble-look quartz with a sparkle, for goodness sake!

Bloomstone Carrara Glacier BO200310 37710 130041aa

Why has Carrara Glacier sold so well? The fact is, for all my grumpiness, that it ticks a lot of current boxes:

quartz worktops special offer Bloomstone Carrara Glacier BO200310 37710 130102aa
Bloomstone Carrara Glacier BO200310 37710 130129aa
  1. It’s white/ off-white – super-popular at the moment!
  2. It’s a marble-look – bang on trend!
  3. It has a subtle but definite big vein – right on the money!
  4. It has a subtle (not big-grain) sparkle – everyone seems to want bling!
  5. It comes at an amazingly good price – no explanation needed for THAT being popular!

Please note that the slab colour in the video is far too creamy – go with the still photos above to have an idea of colour

It’s that hint of sparkle which is the winner. It’s what offends my geological purist sensibilities, but it’s also what absolutely sells this material time and time again. It makes the quartz more liveable with, friendlier, and that bit more exciting.

So there you have it – Bloomstone Carrara Glacier on special offer. Get it while it’s there, because it really does work.


It’s even growing on me!

Bloomstone Carrara Glacier BO200310 37710 130153a

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