Colonial White

Colonial White has only been a really big player in the British market since Kashmir White became so hard to obtain, but it has surely left its mark. Less linear than the Kashmir, and far less so than River White, the soft grey and very slightly creamy tones have been hugely popular with customers who want a true light-coloured natural stone for their granite kitchen worktops.


Colonial White is a predominantly white granulite from Northern India. As with other Indian metamorphic stones of this type, there are occasional (at times frequent) black specks and bands, and reddish garnet spots. Unlike other Indian granulites, the stone is far less linear in pattern, having a fairly chaotic silvery white cotton-wool background.

Colonial White looks stunning on white and light grey units, and is very much on trend with the fashion for light and bright kitchens that retain a respect for natural materials.

All of the granulites stones sold as granite are relatively porous compared to the volcanic/igneous black granites, and this is a double whammy. Being so much lighter in colour, any strongly-coloured liquid that does penetrate the surface is vastly more likely to leave a visible and lasting stain. For this reason, we recommend resealing the granite at least once a year, and sooner if any sign of water-logging is seen in the sink area. (See our FAQ on granite and quartz here.)

Colonial White Granite sells in our Premium price band.

Because Colonial White is relatively porous, it is one of the stones where Cosentino’s Sensa treatment really scores. Deeply impregnated with sealant under high vacuum, the sealing of these stones is guaranteed for 15 years. For the one price band difference in cost (Premium Plus as opposed to Premium), we feel that the treatment is well worthwhile. Add to that the fact that Cosentino don’t bother to treat inferior or boring slabs, and we know that we are onto a winner with every batch we get in.

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