Colonial White Granite Worktops Surrey - Tadworth

This spacious Surrey home in Tadworth had a complete kitchen extension and refurbishment, and we had the pleasure of putting in the granite worktops. Colonial White granite was chosen, and we think it really suited the home and kitchen design.
The kitchen units have the “traditional but contemporary” look which is popular at the moment. In-frame style doors with a simple Shaker panel are painted in a soft, warmish grey. The room is large, but well lit and airy. Well to the back, clear of cooking activities but still in the same overall area, a tall cupboard and kitchen unit/worktop run serve as space for the children’s music practice. The large island has a pop-up socket, and the space is used for homework and other laptop-based activities. All of this reflects the current trend towards creating kitchens as multi-purpose family spaces.
The Colonial White granite worktops are in keeping with the look of traditional craftsmanship in the whole room, and their light colour helps the daylight from the window end get right back into the homework and music area.

Colonial White Granite Worktops Surrey - The Raw Material

Colonial White Granite Worktops became far more popular in the UK market during the period when Kashmir White granite was very hard to obtain. Even with the return of Kashmir White, Colonial White continues popular.

Colonial White granite worktops walton on the hill granite slab

This is partly because Kashmir now tends to be greyer and duller than it was, but also because (like River White) it tends to be very linear in its pattern. This makes it harder to work around corners. Colonial White, by contrast, has a far more random pattern, and is suitable for use in kitchens with all kinds of layouts, including right-angled joins. And, for a white-toned natural stone, it is great value!

Colonial White Granite Worktops Surrey - The Kitchen

The kitchen is large. A long sink run at the window is joined at the corner to make an L-shape leading up to the range. At the other side of the range another long worktop run also sits beneath a slightly higher window. In the centre of the room is the massive island (3.7m2) with a large, rounded overhang at the far end. At the far end of the room, opposite the sink, is another worktop run. The fridge freezer is to the right of the sink run. This gives a fairly large triangle between cooker, sink and fridge, but the sink end of the island is a superbly located prep area, equidistant between fridge and range.
The design, installation and finishing have all been done to a high standard. We feel that the overall look of the kitchen is fresh and clean, and our Colonial White granite worktops make a real contribution to that. A very happy customer.

Colonial White Granite Worktops Surrey - The Finer Details

Multi-Purpose Space

The large overhang at the end of the island is supported by legs and gives comfortable seating space for four. With the pop-up socket close to that end, the area is ideal for homework.

Asymmetrical Island

The two ends of the island are quite distinct, with more corner rounding at the breakfast bar / multipurpose end. The pop-up socket is also towards that end.

Large-Radius Curves

Large-radius curve on the island overhang, which is supported by two stainless steel legs. This kind of curve is almost as large as would be required on a 300mm curved corner unit

Small-Radius Curves

Small-radius corner at the sink end of the island, maximising prep space. This would be our standard rounded corner over kitchen units.

Granite Windowsills 1

Double Butler sink in front of the window, which features a matching granite windowsill. Note how the granite windowsill is set lower than the upstand, which is run back into the window reveal as a result.

Granite Windowsills 2

The Colonial White granite windowsill at side of kitchen is roughly 100mm above the worktop, and the upstands have been set to this height throughout the kitchen, creating a very neat line through this area, to the left of the range

Double Butler Sink

The length of the sink run and the size of the Double Butler cutout mean that joins behind the sink are unavoidable. They are not overly visible on Colonial White granite worktops.

Drainer Grooves

Classic parallel drainer grooves – and a good close-up of the Colonial White Granite worktops. The granite countertops are basically white/grey, but with occasional tones of cream, green or blue and the little red “squashed cranberry” garnets which are very typical of this kind of natural stone.

Extra Storage

At the far end of the kitchen, this useful run of units and storage also features a Colonial White granite worktop. These cupboards house the children’s musical and homework stuff more than kitchen necessaries – truly multipurpose.

Natural Stone Beauty

Fresh colours combine with the beauty of highly-polished natural stone. For many of our customers in Surrey granite worktops are the only way to go – you can’t beat the real thing!

We are proud to have had a significant part in this kitchen – yet another Surrey granite worktop installation featuring Colonial White Granite. A big installation like this costs a significant amount of money, but for setting the right tone in the kitchen, natural granite like this represents unrivaled value. Call us today to chat over your granite worktop requirements, or send in an enquiry using our worktop quotation form.


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