Granite Suppliers Surrey

The granite worktop market has diversified enormously since we began in the business in 2003. At that time we were one of very few companies in the field: many others have since started, and the resulting opening up of the market has kept competition keen, which can be good for the consumer.

On the other hand, in a competitive climate, the temptation for the customer is to trade price off against quality. At the lower end of the market, worktops can be installed without prior templating, the cutting and final polishing work being done on the customer’s own site. We very occasionally take this approach ourselves when distance makes a template visit prohibitively expensive, but it is not ideal. It can be messy, and although it is possible to do an acceptable job, getting the consistency of cut lines and polished cut outs without large-scale and computer-driven plant is never easy. Cutting and polishing our granite and quartz worktops in a fully-equipped workshop does lead to the most professional finish.

At the heart of our business is our up to date workshop at Charlwood in Surrey. A dedicated work space is the best place for stone masons to use their training and experience in the labour-intensive and highly-skilled process of final polishing. State of the art bridge saws, CNC machines for sink cut-outs and an edge polisher for getting highly consistent straight edges are all basic to a quality installation. From cutting large slabs to intricate polishing of complex curves for vanity units and breakfast bars, the plant and expertise are all here under one roof.

Without giving up on competitiveness on price, our success at Affordable Granite has always been linked to our long-standing commitment to quality. We are not a “back-of-a-van” company. Our workshop is a clear sign of our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of the solid stone worktops business, providing quality granite and quartz worktops at an affordable price.

Inspecting a slab of Kashmir Gold on arrival at our workshop in Surrey

Setting up a slab of granite on our older bridge saw at the workshop

CNC Machine with granite worktop being cut out for an undermounted sink

Water Treatment Plant

Bagging facility for extracted powder

CNC Machine

Edge polisher machine

Edge polisher with Rosa Porrino upstand

Our newer bridge saw

Part of the new bridge saw

Bridge saw milling down a quartz slab

Routing for steel reinforcement bar

Part of the new bridge saw

Bridge saw milling down a quartz slab

A new Achilli Bridge saw being delivered

We take our environmental responsibility seriously as well. In our workshop that has meant investing in a recycling plant to clean and reuse the large quantities of water used in cutting and polishing.