900mm Diameter Circular Dekton Halo Tabletop


Dekton XGloss Halo Circular tabletop, 900mm diameter, 20mm thickness.

We have just made a slight tweak to our showroom display, and now have one of our two Dekton XGloss Halo circular tops to sell. Perfect as a coffee table top, this is the whitest and most easily wipeable material you will find.

Dekton is the hardest and most non-stainable surface we sell. Amazingly resistant to heat and scratching, the XGloss range have a high shine which makes the famous Dekton stain resistance even easier to wipe clean. In a pure white like Halo, these are huge benefits.

At 900mm diameter and beautifully made as a full circle this would normally be a very expensive item, made to order. We are offering this tabletop, on a one-off basis at £200.

Please call us to register interest on 01293 863992 or drop us an email at sales@affordablegranite.co.uk/


Dekton halo tabletop edge, showing neat and well-defined chamfer/bevel

For more information about Dekton products, please see here, or on Cosentino’s own site here.  For other news of special offers, seconds and end of batch materials, just call us for information. We always have “bin ends” suitable for table- and vanity tops, and even for small kitchen jobs. This stock can be sold very economically – try us with your project or plan!

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