Is my kitchen ready for templating?

When I first joined Affordable Granite, nearly ten (gulp!) years ago, one question stuck in my head, heard hundreds of time over the phone from Linda or Naomi: “Are you ready for template?”
I didn’t have much clue about the industry then, but it was drummed into my head in that first week that the template was at the heart of our process, central to everything we did.


Caesarstone Wild Rice worktops in a classic Sussex Kitchen 

All our “full fit” customers receive a ‘Customers and Kitchen Fitters’ Guide;’ which includes a checklist of what needs to be ready for templating. You can see the content of the guide here, and a more general article about the importance of the template process here.

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Mikhael, chief templater, relaxed on a company evening out

Even with the information sent out about being ready for templating, we still have a proportion of customers who are very enthusiastic and want to have our guys in to measure before their kitchen is actually ready. This tends to happen more in the pre-Christmas rush – everyone is conscious of time constraints, and the desire to get the worktops in time for family gatherings tends to overwhelm apparently tedious and irrelevant tasks like checking lists of requirements.

We have had a couple of recent cases where things really weren’t ready. Sometimes the reasons are subtle – problems with levelling of the units, for instance. At other times, things are more obvious. The worst (and funniest!) case we ever had was where the kitchen units, still plastic wrapped, were standing in a huddle in the middle of the lounge when our templater arrived.

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A serious levelling error on a kitchen which, in other respects, was ready for template

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Sink unit clamped in place

Kitchen units that are held in place with temporary clamps are not a good sign! To be ready for templating, units need to be in the final positions and actually fixed in place by the method of fixing which will finally hold them.

granite worktops template measurements 115234 a

Again, holding units in place with temporary fixings on top of them not only raises questions about how final the position is, but prevents the template material actually being placed properly onto the units

granite worktops template measurements 115308 a

If battening is being done to the back wall, it needs to be to all back walls, and it would be nice if the room wasn’t quite so cluttered!

granite worktops template measurements 115248 a

There is no way that the overhang can be right on these units, and it really isn’t fair to expect the template guy to shift all of those flat packs off the top of the peninsula!

granite worktops template measurements 115431 a

No clamps please… 🙂

granite worktops template measurements 120239

The template really is the heart of the granite and quartz worktop process. Checking you are ready for template is straightforward, and guarantees a smooth flow of work from order through to worktop installation. We are one of the fastest companies around when it comes to the delay between template and fit – but that speed starts with templating kitchens that are really prepared.

Our ready for template check list goes like this…

  1. Base units must be in their final position and fixed. Any subsequent movement will invalidate the template.
  2. The units should be level to within 3mm.
  3. All end panels must be on.
  4. All hobs, range, sinks & taps etc. must be on site. (Unless Affordable Granite are supplying the sink)
  5. Undermounted ceramic or acrylic mix sinks, and all undermounted sinks with waste disposal units, need to be in situ and supported adequately from beneath.
  6. Any plastering must be completed.
  7. Temporary worktops (if installed) removed

We have a video showing how to be ready for templating, together with some of the template process on youtube.

There is just one other thing that Mikhael, our main template guy, asked me to mention. Please pop the kettle on! 😉

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We are Affordable Granite, the leading installer of granite and quartz worktops in Surrey, Sussex, London and right across the South East. For samplesquotes and any questions connected with any aspect of worktop installation, including how to be ready for template, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

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