These are a few random words about granite worktops. I have been working here for ten years now and was going to write a thoughtful piece about my perceptions of our industry and our firm over that time. Unfortunately, there have been too many pressures today to do any of that. I have chosen some granite worktop images, but none are really prepared for publication. None of the file names and alt texts have been done, nor have they yet been compressed for web use. I have a page of paragraph headings for my text, but no more. There was going to be a bit of humour, a bit of seriousness, a few names from the past, and a look to the future of the granite worktops industry, but for now there is only this very random paragraph,.
The point is that Google expects us to have something and is likely to be looking this evening. So here is the stop gap – just holding the fort until I can actually write the granite worktops blog while I am at home on my “day off” tomorrow. I can’t leave late this evening because I have a photoshoot involving homeless people (but not granite worktops) in SE17 at 20.00. Tomorrow was down for starting the edit of a wedding and editing the shots of the homeless people, but writing a blog about ten years in granite worktops is going to take a chunk of the time. It may be that I am unable to be at AG on Saturday because the work that should have been done tomorrow will be held over and yet still need to be done.

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