Horsham Quartz Worktops West Sussex Cimstone Oasis Quartz Worktop

Mr and Mrs T had a handmade kitchen in a powdery blue with black worktops, but were finding this made their kitchen too dark. They arranged for us to remove their old worktops and replace them with Oasis Quartz, by Cimstone.

The cream quartz worktops coordinate well with the blue units and bring a light, summery feel into the whole room.

Mr and Mrs T are previous customers who have bought their kitchen worktops from us for their previous home as well. It always boosts confidence when customers come back to us!


Worktops Horsham

The massive Blanco sink and tap form the practical centrepiece to the window worktop. Our standard five parallel drainage grooves have been cut to the right of the sink.

Cimstone Quartz Worktops installation in Horsham

Worktops Horsham

With any ceramic sink or waste disposal unit, adequate support must be provided. The big sink here together with a particularly large and powerful waste unit certainly require the cradle pictured here.


Worktops Horsham

In order to fit the sink run in one piece, the section to the left of the sink has been made as a one-piece L-shape, with the join being shifted away from the corner. This a little more expensive than having the join at the corner, but worth the extra effort for a more aesthetically pleasing result.


Worktops Horsham

The island is neat and practical rather than massive. Very large islands can have wasted space: this is usable with asymmetric overhangs to provide a breakfast bar with more fully rounded corners.


Worktops Horsham

One of the 100mm radius corners on the island, with mobile to show scale. Such a rounded corner can only be made where there is significant overhang.


Worktops Horsham

The texture of the Oasis quartz is only clearly visible in close-up: from a distance it blends into a smooth, warm cream, which gives a great look with the blue units and their pewter handles.