Obsidiana by Compac: The shape of quartz to come?

It is not that often that we report on what is effectively a new material. “New material” may be a little strong in this case – Obsidiana is still effectively a quartz, with plastic resin holding together a powdered mineral mixture. But Compac are marketing this as a breakthrough, and in many ways it is. As we get to see more slabs and designs in Obsidana I will report further, but for now we can just show the one we have seen: Compac Obsidiana Volcano Pearl

Obsidiana Volcano Pearl by Compac

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Obsidiana Volcano Pearl is a delicate blueish grey with a sparkle and a fair amount of very liveable movement in the background pattern. We like it! I can see it being useful on both white and darker kitchen units. The texture is practical, cleanable, nice to look at, and looks enough like a concrete or natural stone to go with virtually anything.

Compac Volcano Pearl CO201111 39125 171238a
Compac Volcano Pearl CO201111 39125 171150a

The two key things you need to know about Obsidiana products are …

1) That they use recycled glass as the main material. Suddenly we have a quartz with a seriously better environmental footprint! Cosentino tried it with their ECO range but they have been discontinued. They were nice designs, relatively high prices and therefore low volume never seemed to make them viable. With Obsidiana, have Compac made the breakthrough to affordable, environmentally-friendly quartz? Watch this space!

Compac Volcano Pearl CO201111 39125 171128a

2) That the material has a vastly reduced crystalline silica content. In terms of the biggest health and safety challenge our industry faces, this is good news. See our recent article dealing with the whole subject. A “quartz” which has only about 7% silica is very good news indeed.

So there you have it. We look forward to seeing how Obsidiana Volcano Pearl cuts, polishes and installs. And to seeing more of the range – we will post images when we have them!

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