Quartz Worktops Special Offer for August/September

The last week of July, and Summer seems to have taken off at last! 37 degrees at Heathrow, beaches crowded, and kitchen worktops flying out of the workshop. We want to help that process along with another bang-on-trend quartz worktops special offer – Caesarstone Clamshell and Classic Quartz Fiji both on offer for these two months. 

Quartz Worktops Special Offer: Caesarstone Clamshell
4130 Clamshelllarge slab

Caesarstone Clamshell is a really dependable, practical and beautiful material for kitchen worktops.  With that warm greige background tone and its “fossil shell” texture echoing happy beach-combing childhoods, Clamshell makes a lovely, family-friendly quartz worktop. Kitchen showrooms may be great places for ultra-smooth colours, with no texture, but in a  real home, with real food and real little fingers, you want something with the level of pattern of Caesarstone Clamshell.

The offer is simply that until the end of September we are selling this bespoke stone in our Premium Price Group. That means it doesn’t attract the wastage costs of a bespoke stone, and the price is pushed as low as we dare for a top, popular stone from a big multinational supplier. 

caesarstone quartz worktops offer 4130_Clamshell_close_up
caesarstone quartz worktops offer 4130 Clamshell
Special offer quartz worktops classic quartz fiji caesarstone clamshell

Our Caesarstone Clamshell moodboard

Clamshell Quartz from Caesarstone


Floor tile from Barge Tiles

Glass from Southern Counties Glass

Antique silver mirror

Heather shimmer

Ruby copper sparkle

Latte satin


Elite Stone Sand Screed Laminate flooring from Discount Flooring Depot

Dusky Cotton/Molly’s Blushes Fabric from Perch and Parrow

Wallpaper – Sirius Feather Rose Gold

Perfume Bottle J’Adore

Candle – TK Maxx At Home

Quartz Worktops Special Offer: Classic Quartz Fiji
Classic Quartz Stone Fiji Andrew King Photography 132713large slab

Classic Quartz Fiji  has been a big hit when on special offer before. Like Clamshell, it is right on the money in terms of practicality, with a scale of pattern which makes it eminently liveable-with. And we are back in that greige zone again, with soft greys and gentle warm tones. The one big extra from Fiji is that it also has a little sparkle with white mirror crystals. Fiji is a winner! 

The offer is that until the end of September we are selling this bespoke stone in our Premium Plus Price Group. Like the Clamshell, it will not be regarded as “bespoke” for this period, it will not incur heavy wastage costs, and will be sold at a price which reflects bulk purchases and big discounts. You will get the benefit of that – until the end of September! 

Classic Quartz Stone Fiji Andrew King Photography 132826a
Classic Quartz Stone Fiji Andrew King Photography 132744a
Special offer quartz worktops classic quartz fiji caesarstone clamshell

Our Classic Quartz Fiji moodboard

Fiji Quartz by Classic Quartz

Naked flooring Company – Sea Grass

Venice Champagne – Touched by Designe – Blinds Direct

Wallpaper – Plain glitter mocha

Greenwich Gloss Howdens unit

Glass Bronze age metallic

Cream satin

The Offer

There really isn’t much small print this time! This offer is available to both private and trade customers, and applies to full-kitchen fits in these colours which are ordered between 1st August and 30 September inclusive.

Don’t miss out on this exceptionally good offer!

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We are committed to giving you the best possible offer in great value kitchen worktop materials. We are delighted to be offering these great materials this Summer! For questions, queries and quotes connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on sales@affordablegranite.co.uk/ .

Images © Affordable Granite/Caesarstone/ClassicQuartz/Andrew King Photography Ask us what is which!

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