Small sparkles: the evolution of a giant in quartz worktops

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Blanco Stellar 13

Classic white mirror quartz

Small sparkles are on the way in! Some time ago we wrote about what we perceived as a trend in white quartz worktops – a tendency for customers to buy materials with smaller textures and more subtle sparkles. That trend has only continued and accelerated, with more and more products coming out which only have tiny, even minute, mirror pieces to create the sparkly effect. We thought we would revisit the subject and show you a few more of the small sparkle quartz worktops which are now available.


Of course, trends don’t usually change things overnight. Big-grain sparkly white worktops are still very much with us – like this set in a Horsham kitchen. Silestone Blanco Stellar quartz worktops – still in stock and a great price at Affordable Granite.

small sparkles CQ Ice Branco Global Topazio Quartzforms Add Top Crystal Culliford Alpine Shimmer Cimstone Sierra Silestone Miami Shite Picasso White Stellar redw

Just some examples of the many white small sparkle quartz worktops now available. Here you can see Classic Quartz Ice Branco, Global Topazio, Quartzforms Add Top Crystal, Culliford Alpine Shimmer, Cimstone Sierra, Silestone Miami White and Picasso White Stellar.

We have installed a number of these, and compared them pretty carefully – including gauging our customers’ reactions to them! After a fair amount of experience, we decided to stock the Classic Quartz Ice Branco. It has a very consistent surface, seems to perform well in the home, and has the right amount of sparkle for most of our customers.

small sparkles Silestone Miami white redw

The least sparkly of the small sparkle products is Silestone’s Miami White. The glitter is tiny and infrequent. I put together these 20 100mm square samples sent by the manufacturer and found a large number where I could detect no sparkle at all. I think that Silestone are missing a trick here.

small sparkles Silestone Aluminio Nube CQ Ice Mix Ice Gris CRL Silver Shimmer Grey Shimmer Culliford Grey Shimmer Cimstone Oslo Radianz Makalu Silver redw

Since we last wrote about small sparkles, a large number of products have come out with the same look in grey. Interestingly, the first in this field, and for a good few years now, was Silestone, with their very successful Aluminio Nube. We have fitted many quartz worktops in that, but eventually decided on the Radianz Makalu Silver as our regular light-mid grey subtle sparkle quartz. Here you can see these two products alongside Classic Quartz Ice Mix and Ice Gris, CRL Silver Shimmer and Grey Shimmer, Culliford’s Grey Shimmer and Cimstone Oslo.

Three Little Birds Bakery kitchen Keighley Yorkshire

Dream come true – a new kitchen for my daughter, featuring small sparkle white quartz worktops. Bec, who runs the Three Little Birds Bakery from her West Yorks home opted for IQ White Glitter quartz, fitted by a local fabricator. She is delighted with the look – and the practicality! Small grains are so much more liveable with than totally smooth white worktops.

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite and quartz worktop installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We try to stay abreast of all the latest trends and fashions in kitchen design, and especially everything that is going on in the world of quartz worktops. If small sparkles are your thing (or if they aren’t!), feel free to call us for advice and for a quotation on 01293 863992 or by email on

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