Trilium Dekton Worktops in Horsham, West Sussex
Trilium Dekton Worktops in Horsham, West Sussex

Dekton worktops installed in this full kitchen renovation, by our friend Martin Nott of blue2blue Limited. The property is a large, modern detached house built around the start of the century by MacAlpine in Slinfold, just to the west of Horsham, West Sussex. This is the first major upgrade or alteration to the property’s original specifications.
White gloss handleless units and larders were finished with Dekton Trilium worktops. We have written about Trilium a number of times before: it was one of the first materials in the wave of “industrial grunge” products that we have seen over the last year or so. As a Dekton, it brings the benefits of extreme scratch, burn and stain resistance. It seems relatively strong for a Dekton. It was also the first Dekton to be made from 60% recycled material. If Dekton is your thing, it would probably be our favourite product, as it has a look which you can’t really find anywhere else.
Martin is a good friend of AG – he has helped us with our electrics here – and it is always a delight to work with him on a kitchen installation. There is an overall quality, attention to detail and creativity in this job; it was good to be involved.

Trilium Dekton Worktops in Horsham, West Sussex: The Finer Details

Clean and Modern

Simple and modern, handleless white gloss units can be teamed with a whole range of worktops. The choice of Dekton Trilium is inspired, bringing the random, grungy steel look into what could otherwise seem almost clinical.

Big Island

The island is big, and features induction hob, pop-up extractor fan and pop-up power socket. Asymmetrical, the curved corners are larger on the overhung, breakfast-bar end.

Pop-up Socket - Up

Pop-up socket in raised position. Getting power to an island is important and can be difficult. Wires running over the end to standard sockets are unsightly and dangerous – the pop-up is neat and compact.

Pop-up Socket - Down

Close up of the retracted pop-up socket shows the texture and pattern of the Dekton worktops


Extractor fan in raised position. The mechanism to do this is fairly bulky, but has all been neatly and accessibly housed beneath the island

Wine Cooler

The island has units each side, creating big storage space, including this pleasantly large wine cooler

Franke Sink

The Franke one-and-a-half bowl reversible undermount sink has drainage grooves coming off the larger sink, fitted to the left. Practical and beautiful. Notice the air-switch for the waste-disposal unit.

Copper Tap

The Pronteau 3 IN 1 tap in copper is a great look alongside the warm metallic tones of the Dekton Trilium. Yet another kitchen with boiling water on tap!


Extra-height upstands behind the sink rise to meet the windowsill, which is also installed in Dekton Trilium. Windowsills in the same granite, quartz or Dekton as the worktops are practical and good-looking.

Drainage Grooves

Parallel drainage grooves cut into the worktop. They never drain brilliantly, but they look right, demarcating the drainage area. And they do allow draining mugs and bowls to ‘breathe’.

This was one of our favourite projects of 2018. Working with Martin is always a pleasure; he is a proficient tradesmen with great attention to detail, and a good guy to get along with. Dekton is not always easy to work and install, but the Trilium occupies a special place with its unique look, and we were really glad to do this job. We look forward to more projects with blue2blue.
Just 25 minutes drive away, Slinfold and the whole Horsham area is very much on our patch. That means ease for you to visit us to choose your material, and ease for us to come to you for templating and fitting. And that means low prices, with reduced overheads. Try us!

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