Into the Black: Black and Gold Marble-Look Quartz

black and gold marble we don't stock and you need to be loaded to afford it

Not that photo again! For some years an image we posted of black and gold marble – Nero Portoro or Portoro Gold – has generated more enquiries than any other single image. I popped it into a 2017 article about marble-look quartz, really as an example of what the man-made materials couldn’t do… yet. People looking for black and gold marble/quartz find the image via Google Images and never see the article which is all about how we can’t provide the very thing they are looking for.

But it is beginning to look as if the search for an engineered stone with a black and gold marble-look is starting to bear fruit. We have got to the point where we actually have something to offer when we get these enquiries! This is exciting, and a bit of a relief, in a way! In this article, we want to look at two or three possibilities which are already available.

It’s good to have something to report – after all, there are few looks which breathe classic luxury like black marble – whether with a white or a gold vein.

Aviary at the Montcalm portoro marble

Into the Black: Cambria Woodcroft Quartz

First up, Cambria Woodcroft. Cambria is a US-based quartz manufacturer with a reputation for a “natural+” look in its materials and great quality. As you would expect from a company majoring in the American market, there is far more emphasis on big colour and especially shades of brown than we see here in Europe. But as the pendulum here swings back towards natural stone looks with more colour, Cambria really has a part to play. We have fitted many of their stones, and I am sure that we will be working in Woodcroft before long. This quartz for kitchen worktops is a direct attempt to copy black, gold-veined, marble.

Cambria-Woodcroft-Kitchen-and-Bathroom shaving brush a
Cambria woodcroft quartz worktops black and gold marble portoro nero 154228

A full slab of Cambria Woodcroft Quartz

Into the Black: Dekton Laurent

Dekton Laurent is an even more direct copy of a Portoro marble. The look is very realistic, though not as bright in the gold as our infamous photo! The material is available in 20mm thickness for worktops.

Like other marble-look Dektons the pattern is effectively printed on, so doesn’t run right through the slab – check out the missing veins on the edge in the close up with the two bowls here. And, also like other Dektons, it has all the pros and cons of that material: amazing hardness, stain-, scratch- and heat-resistance, but also brittleness and propensity for worse cracks and chips than you would expect in quartz or granite. See our various articles on materials for help – you could start here.

Dekton Laurent black and gold marble look portoro kitchen worktops 080238 a
Dekton Laurent black and gold marble look portoro kitchen worktops 080306 b
Dekton Laurent black and gold marble look portoro kitchen worktops 080409 a

Into the Black: Compac Ice Black Quartz

Compac Ice Black is a VERY striking quartz! It isn’t as close to the Portoro look as the first two products but has massive visual impact. No gold, but some creaminess with the white – this quartz is stunning. It is striking how many of the projects that feature it online are very modern, bold in design themselves. It lends itself to big statements – we like it!

Compac Ice Black 110415 a
Compac Ice Black 104433 a
Compac Ice Black Quartz CM210706 40527 095954 a
Compac Ice Black Quartz CM210706 40527 095921 full slab

A full slab of Compac Ice Black

Into the Black: Sensa Indian Black Granite

Sensa Indian Black – a bold stone bought through Cosentino, makers of Silestone and Dekton. Customers very often assume for some reason that natural stone (granite) will be  more expensive than quartz. In fact, this is the most economical of the materials listed here. Bold and dark with a lot going on in both pattern and colour, Indian Black is a great stone, especially on big statement islands. The Sensa branding means that it is deep-sealed to avoid cleaning issues down the line – although a black stone like this is unlikely to present problems anyway. Much recommended – try us for a price!

Sensa Indian Black Granite CO181026 34270 145016-a
Sensa Indian Black CO210721 40609 155904 a
Sensa Indian Black CO210721 40609 155929 a

Into the Black: Other materials that must be mentioned

These are not the only black-veined materials, of course! The Indian Black is only one of a whole group of natural stones with related looks – check out Cosmic Black, Black Fusion, Black Beauty and Orinoco, for starters! Silestone, Classic Quartz, Caesarstone and Unistone all have great quartz materials in this look, to name but four. And, over in the Dekton-like ceramic market, Sapienstone, Neolith, Laminam and others also have black and gold or black and white marble-look kitchen worktop options. Here are just a few examples…

Silestone Eternal Noir Kitchen

Silestone Eternal Noir


Silestone Nero Marquina


Belvedere Granite

Laminam Noir Desir Lucidato – a ceramic-type stone

Neolith Nerio Marquina -Enhanced a

Neolith Nero Marquina – a ceramic-type stone

neolith-calatorao-Enhanced a

Neolith Calatorao – a ceramic-type stone


Cosmic Black Granite

Unistone Java Black Quartz US190315 35156 113244a

Unistone Java Noir

Caesarstone Vanilla Noir quartz worktops special offer

Caesarstone Vanilla Noir

Classic Quartz Roma Black Andrew King Photography 102549 1920 web

Classic Quartz Roma Black

Cosentino sensa orinoco granite worktops black and gold

Sensa Orinoco Granite

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