New materials in the UK Quartz Kitchen Worktops Market

It is so nice to be blogging about something new! In the last few weeks we have got our hands on some samples which are genuinely different, which are really exciting and fresh. The Sunlit Days quartz sequence from Silestone and Woodcroft from Cambria have come onto the market and both really hit the spot so far as we are concerned. Here are our first impressions of the Silestone products – Cambria to follow.

Silestone HybriQ Sunny Days 120950 a

Sample set of Silestone HybriQ Sunlit Days Quartz for Kitchen Worktops

Silestone Hybriq+ Sunlit Days

In HybriQ and HybriQ+, Silestone have announced further advances in quartz manufacture with a greater use of recycling (material components and process water) and energy from sustainable sources than ever before. And in the Sunlit Days products, they claim to have the first worktop quartz which is carbon neutral. That is a major step forward.


Silestone Hybriq logo and image granite worktops
hybriq technology silestone quartz worktops

On top of that, Silestone have also reduced the crystalline silica content to the lowest yet in engineered stones of the quartz-type. Silica dust in the fabrication environment is a major health hazard in our industry. We take every kind of precaution to safeguard our stonemasons, but starting the manufacturing process with a lower level of the problem compound in the slabs is a big help. Thank you, Silestone!


Faro White Quartz Worktops

Silestone HybriQ Sunny Days Faro White 122101 a

A soft off-white in a gentle, agreeable matte finish, Faro White quartz is a lovely material which we are confident will prove popular. The off-white doesn’t come from any obvious granularity, but is the background colour itself.

Silestone Kitchen worktops Sunlit days Faro White quartz

Cincel Grey Quartz Worktops

Silestone HybriQ Sunny Days Cincel Grey 121914 a

Cincel Grey is a soft, textured, gentle grey, with little granulation. Neither cool nor warm, it is ready to be paired with a whole range of colours and textures. The precise tone is supposedly based on the sunlit chisel of a Spanish craftsman; whether or not you buy into that, Cincel Grey may well suit your project anyway!

Cosentino Silestone Sunlit Days Cincel grey kitchen worktops

Cala Blue Quartz Worktops

Silestone HybriQ Sunny Days Cala Blue Quartz 121726 a

I love Cala Blue! Gently textured, matte, grey-blue with hints of seaside and sunshine and cornflowers in June – we have seen a trend towards blues and this practical quartz is a winner.

Posidonia Green Quartz Worktops

Silestone HybriQ Sunny Days Posidonia Green Quartz 121541 a

Earthy, natural, delicate, wholesome – Posidonia Green may just be the material that starts to turn British kitchen worktop tastes towards green! In my 12 or more years in the industry, I have never seen a green sell really well, but Posidonia Green is like no other green I’ve seen!

Silestone-Sunlit-Days-Posidonia-Green_kitchen-_web-1100×800-gigapixel-low_res-scale-2_00x a

Arcilla Red Quartz Worktops

Silestone HybriQ Sunny Days Arcilla Red 121133 a

Brick, warmth, red earth, clay courts under burning sun, Devonshire sandstone… so many good things come to mind when you see Arcilla Red quartz. Here is a colour to bring real warmth into your kitchen or bathroom!

The Sunlit Days Range - High Technology and Natural Colours

Silestone HybriQ Sunny Days quartz 122403 a

Well, there you have it – the most natural, humanising, warm, traditional-looking quartz range – and yet with all the benefits of a Carbon-Zero manufacturing process, high-level of recycling and reduced Silica for the men and women who work with it. No wonder we are excited about Silestone Hybriq+ Sunlit Days Quartz Worktops!

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