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Reviews are more important than ever in our – and any other – business. We are so grateful to our customers who take the time to review us, whether its on Google, Checkatrade or Facebook. Your efforts really help us – thank you!

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Reviews are great in the first place because they are a help to other potential customers. I guess many of us write reviews because we… read reviews. We kind of “pay it back” – having been helped by reviews, we feel we should write one when we make a major purchase.

I have written about Google reviews before, and my own experience since then has only confirmed what I wrote then. The most helpful reviews aren’t always the simply glowing ones. Reviews which mention problems or challenges are actually more helpful. “There was an issue with the hob but they came straight back to put it right” can have more clout with potential granite worktop buyers than mere positivity.

The gold standard when it comes to reviews is the Google review. This is because the arrival of good reviews has its own positive impact on page rankings, so it is doubly beneficial.

Every positive Google review not only commends us to our potential customers, but makes it more likely that they will find us on Google in the first place. You can be a great company with a great offering and exemplary reviews – but if no one actually sees you online you will have no customers. Google Ranking is critical to our business, and to many others

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Even better than a written Google review is the Google review with photos.

Reviews with photos are not only more eye-catching and can be more informative but (so I understand) are also helpful with the rankings. So win – win – win! Don’t worry if you are no David Bailey though – a review without pics or with slightly skewy ones is still much appreciated.

Reviews on other platforms are also beneficial.

As well as Google, we value customers’ reviews on other websites and platforms. While Facebook has never been especially central for us, Checkatrade reviews have proved enormously important. Checkatrade is a paid site – we pay to be featured – but the reviews themselves are genuine, objective customer reviews, and we have no way of cherry-picking the ones that are featured.

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Inviting reviews

Unless you are already a customer of Affordable Granite, we can’t urge you to review us! So I can’t post links to our review pages here, whether on Google, on Checkatrade or anywhere else. But when people do buy from us, our final sign-off is with a letter of thanks from our MD, which includes those links via QR codes. we would be mad not to! Only a small proportion of buyers actually review, but that proportion makes a huge difference. Thank you, once again, to all who take the trouble!

Thank you, once again, to all who take the trouble to review us!!

We are Affordable Granite, the leading installer of granite and quartz kitchen worktops in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. We want to be seen, and we want to be seen to be the best! Review processes are a big part of that. For samplesquotes and any questions connected with any aspect of worktop installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

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