Choosing an affordable sink to go with your granite worktops can sometimes feel like a bit of a minefield and this is often exacerbated by the kitchen companies giving out poor information or conflicting advice because they have a particular product they wish to sell you!

The very first thing for you to consider is how you actually use your sink. If like us all your washing up goes in the dishwasher, apart from maybe the longest stemmed wine glasses, then your needs will be different to someone else who likes to wash a lot of dishes in the sink. Some people don’t see the point in the ½ bowl while others can’t live without one. Some people like to dry everything right away but others think that it’s more hygienic to leave the dishes to drain.

With granite worktops you have the many options open to you for either an inset/sit on sinks, under-mounted sinks, Belfast/butler sinks or roll tops/complete work surface sinks. Inset sinks are placed into a hole from above the worktop so that they lip just over the edge of the worktop. So in relation to granite the hole does not have to be polished so this makes the cut out cheaper to do.

The size & number of bowls you have will be determined by the size of the cabinets under the worktop

  • If the sink is going above a 500mm cabinet then you are limited to a largish single bowl and the drainer part can go over whatever is next to it like the dishwasher or washing machine.
  • However if you have a 600mm base unit then you will have room for a bowl and a ½ bowl plus the drainer providing you have the area on the worktop.
  • If your worktop is shallow front to back and the sink is large it may require the worktop having to have bars/slips in the granite to make it more structurally sound.
  • Also if the counter is longer than the granite worktop we can supply, this can be a good place to hide the join as unlike laminate worktops there is absolutely no danger of the granite “blowing”.

There is a huge range of sit on sinks available on the market, something for every budget and taste. They can be a really sensible and practical option but this does not mean that they can’t be stylish.