Coffee Brown Granite is a rich dark brown stone with some characteristics close to Tan Brown, but with a colour which is far less red than the Tan Brown material. The background structure is charcoal to black, with coffee-coloured floral crystals adding the colour to give an overall effect of chocolate mocha brown.

Given the current popularity of kitchen cabinet doors in Ivory, Cream, Latte and Cappucino, we felt that offering granite worktops in this colour range was essential: neither as red as the Mahogany or Tan Brown granites or as strong in pattern as the more beige Baltic Brown.

We are confident that customers are going to like Coffee Brown Granite Worktops. Although not black it still fits into the “dark granites” category with all of the lustre and beauty associated with the black stones and is dark enough to make a good contrast to wooden doors.

Due to the small-scale pattern it will not show dust and smears as badly as some of the blacks and will be a really practical yet stunning worktop for your kitchen.

Why not come along and see the big slabs at our Charlwood Workshop, alternatively we can arrange for samples to be sent to you.

Please contact us for a sample or for bespoke colour options click here.