Granite comes in many different colours and is quarried from various different countries. Because of it’s durability and range of colours it is now very popular for quality kitchen worktops and floor tiles.

Black Galaxy/Star Galaxy
Origin: India
Details and examples of Black Galaxy Granite
Installation in Croydon

Black Pearl
Origin: India
Very popular and cost effective black
Details and examples of Black Pearl Granite
Installation Dorking

Nero Assoluto
A pure black stone with a timeless look, either traditional or contemporary. Extremely durable stone which is particularly hard. This stone has relatively uniform colour and background.
Details and examples of Nero Assoluto Granite

Blue Pearl (and Blue Pearl Extra)
Origin: Norway
This classic rich blue iridescent stone from Norway displays ever-changing light refractions for a dramatic effect. A superb pearlescent blue. Good with stainless steel. This tile has abundant mica which makes for a spectacular sparkle. The blue in the tile is due to the mineral, Labradorite.
Details and examples of Blue Pearl Granite

Vizag Blue
Origin: India – Andhra Pradesh
Blues with mauve veins
Water Absorption: 0.15%-0.25% & Hardness: 6.0 Moh’s Scale
Details and examples of Vizag Blue Granite

Baltic Brown
Origin: Finland
Browns, blacks and creams mottled into beautiful patterns. Large, well defined crystals of a reddish brown to milk chocolate colour and are occasionally ringed by a very light grey/green colour. The matrix is a predominant jet black to grey black colour. Just as at home in city kitchens as country kitchens.
Details and examples of Baltic Brown Granite

Origin: India
Rustic and elegant tones giving a classy refined feel to any space. Mahogany is a warm distinguished colour that works well with timber finishes.
Details and examples of Mahogany Granite

Tan Brown
Origin: India
This granite is set on a dark brown background with contrasting burnt orange and black crystals.
Details and examples of Tan Brown Granite

Emerald Pearl
Origin: Norway
This classic dark green iridescent stone from Norway displays ever-changing light refractions for a dramatic effect. A beautiful dark pearlescent green. Exotic opalescent crystals team so well with rich and opulent decor.
Details and examples of Emerald Pearl Granite

Tiger Yellow
Origin: China
Beautiful golds and yellows with leopard spotting.

Kashmir White
Origin: India
Beautiful white granite with tints of burgundy flecks and silver tones.
Off white with dark crystals and veins of blue grey.
Details and examples of Kashmir White Granite

African Red
Origin: Africa
A rich red granite with black highlights.

Tortoise shell
Origin: China
Blacks, pinks and greys blended into a granite that looks good with any natural materials.
Details and examples of Tortoiseshell Granite

Padang Yellow
Origin: Southern China

Salt & Pepper
Origin: China
This stone has relatively uniform colour and background.
Details and examples of Salt & Pepper Granite
Installation in Kingswood

Crystal Grey
Origin: India – Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
Dark Grey with small lighter grey specks

Steel Grey
Origin: India
Mid-tone colour with light and dark shades of grey
Details and examples of Steel Grey Granite

China Green
Origin: China
Stunning mossy green colour blends well with natural materials.
Details and examples of China Green Granite

River White
Origin: India
Similar to Kashmir White with cranberry spotting
Details and examples of River White Granite

Coffee Brown
Origin: India
A warmer alternative to the black granites
Details and examples of Coffee Brown Granite