What are upstands and splashbacks?


Our standard upstands are 100mm high (about 4 inches). Traditionally we calculated how many were needed for a given kitchen in lengths of 1250mm, although actual upstand length without a join can be much more than this. Normally upstands are used at all points where a stone worktop meets a wall, but not up against units.

For different height up-stands it is a case of ‘price on application’.

Silestone Blanco City Quartz worktops fitted in Ashford, Middlesex

Standard height upstands in Silestone Blanco City. See case study.


Short (50mm) upstand meets a higher one at a sill in Kashmir Gold. See case study.


Extra-high upstand in BQS Blanco Massa, with rounded end. See case study.


Large Silestone Negro Stellar splashback behind a range, with standard upstands elsewhere. See case study.


Splashbacks are higher than our standard upstands and are normally used in certain splash/splatter areas of the kitchen such as behind the hob or sink.

They are often made from 20mm sheeting but can also be made by milling-down 30mm, and often are so as to help with vein-matching with their worktops.

Very large splashbacks (right along walls) will generally need rectangular holes cut for electrical sockets.


Medium-level splashback (or extra-height upstand!) throughout kitchen with full-heigh splashback behind the hob. Classic Quartz Marbre Carrara.  See case study.


Black Pearl Granite installation showing splashback behind sink. See case study.

How do I choose whether to have upstands or splashbacks?

There are no rules, this is completely a matter of personal preference:

Some customers do not have upstands but, instead, choose to tile right down to the worktops. With the huge range of wipeable paints now on the market some people don’t do either.   This picture shows no up-stand but tiling to the worktop with hand-made grey tiles.

Some customers have upstands and no tiles.  Make sure you choose a paint especially for kitchens that can be wiped down easily, or maybe splashbacks in the high “splatter” areas.  Shown here are Black Galaxy Granite worktops with matching up-stands, windowsill and bespoke height upstand under the sill.

Some customers prefer upstands and tiles.  Here is Tortoiseshell Granite with a 75mm up-stand and matching sill but with the “gap” filled with tiles.

Some customers choose to have matching splashbacks behind the cooker.  Here is an example of worktops, upstands and splashback behind the hob.

And occasionally some people have full height stone splashbacks all the way round! This worktop and splashback in brilliant red Recife Quartz is shown with cream cabinets.

Glass splashbacks above granite or quartz worktops are increasingly popular. They are amazingly varied – any colour you like, in fact, plus complex designs and prints.