Affordable Granite Policies during the Coronavirus Epidemic

AG Policies during the Coronavirus epidemic (updated Wednesday 18th Nov 10.00 am)

Under the terms of the Second National Lockdown our showroom is closed at present. For the moment, please do not attempt to visit as we will be unable to serve you. Please see specific comments below on Supply Only work (where customers pick up from the factory) and Supply & Deliver work, where we deliver the product to your address. 

The government position on our work is that, as part of the construction sector, we can continue to operate in all other respects. On-site fitting in people’s homes is subject to the regulations and recommendations as laid down in the document working in other peoples’ homes. Covid disciplines on site are obviously more necessary than ever. We would remind customers that as the contractor, you are responsible for maintaining health and safety standards on your site. Specifically, our fitters have instructions to leave premises where other trades or the customer do not allow them to work with adequate distancing. 

This is a tough time for all, and some other businesses are facing a far harder winter than the building and home improvement sector. Take care, stay well, and we look forward to your contact if you have any needs for solid stone – granite or quartz. 

Affordable Granite Covid Policy November 2020


Affordable Granite is now open, in accordance with the latest UK government guidelines.

We are now all back at work – no staff remain on furlough. As such we can offer our full normal service in terms of capacity to make and install worktops. However, our contact with customers is subject to the limitations to which we have all become accustomed.

The protection of our staff and customers remains at the forefront of our decision-making. Our work will only be undertaken where we can confirm that the following guidelines will be adhered to:

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Availability of Affordable Granite Staff

  • Our staff may only work if they have been Covid symptom-free for 14 days.


Showroom and Customer Visits on John Lory Farm

  • The showroom and warehouse are closed to visitors from the end of 4th November. The exception to this rule is for customers who need to see full slabs before final material choice and approval; it is only reasonable to be able to look, and we can make arrangements for socially-distanced slab inspection at the back door of the warehouse. But please do not attempt to visit in the initial stages of quotation and sale – we are not able to deal with members of the public who just turn up.


Supply-Only and Supply & Deliver jobs

  • During the lockdown, however long it is, supply-only work will not be accepted, by and large. Specifically, combined with the usual demands of the Christmas period (see comments on our Special Offer page) that effectively means no Supply Only or Supply and Deliver work will be accepted until the Christmas rush is over. We recognise that this may prove difficult as we seek to serve regular Supply Only customers who are themselves in the building trade; please continue to contact us with potential projects, and we will see what we can do on a case by case basis.
  • Customers can only collect supply-only jobs if they are Covid symptom-free and have been for 14 days. Full social distancing will apply on picking up the products.
  • Delivery options remain limited; AG will only deliver to Covid symptom-free households (14 days clear) .


Templating visits

  • The site or household must have been free from Covid symptoms for at least 14 days.
  • Customers must cancel appointments if Covid symptoms develop after the arrangement of the appointment. This will not be chargeable.
  • The templater will work alone in the kitchen; both the home owner and other tradespeople need to be out of that room while our staff member is present.
  • The customer will be given the opportunity to discuss specific requirements re overhangs etc., but social distancing rules will apply.
  • Our staff must and will take their own precautions, wearing gloves, using hand sanitiser, washing hands at the earliest opportunity etc.
  • If for any reason the templater is not happy with, for instance, distances from other trades etc., they will leave the site. The aborted visit will be chargeable according to our standard terms and conditions.


Installation visits

  • Due to possible Covid-related isolations or restrictions, please be aware that lead times between templating and delivery may be extended beyond our normal standards.
  • Fitters working as a team must be confident that their partner and his household is free from Covid symptoms and has been for 14 days.
  • Customers must cancel the installation appointment if Covid symptoms develop in the household after the arrangement of the appointment. This will not be chargeable.
  • Our fitters will work alone in the kitchen; both the home owner and other tradespeople need to be out of that room while our staff member is present.
  • Any communication with the householder or site manager, such as discussions regarding final upstand layout etc., will follow social distancing rules.
  • The customer will be given the opportunity to check the installation and discuss any issues and maintenance guidelines etc. once the AG installers have finished. Social distancing rules will apply.
  • Installers must and will take their own precautions, wearing gloves, using hand sanitiser, washing hands at the earliest opportunity etc.
  • If for any reason the installers are not happy i.e. with distances from other trades etc , they will leave the site and this will be chargeable as per an aborted template visit.

Contacting us during the Epidemic

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We also now have a full staff working in the office, and we are able to deal with phone calls and emails at a normal level.  Please bear with us, though, if responses take longer than usual, as the enquiries for the first half of the year seem to be coming in during the second half! 

Please use any of our email, phone, or online chat facilities to contact us:


Phone:  01293 863992

Online Chat: Click on the floating, orange Live Chat tab on your browser. This facility will not always be available, but we will respond if able to.

Important sites for more general Coronavirus help

For current NHS advice on avoiding and dealing with infection by the virus, please see here.

For detailed information on the government’s action plans and their basis, please see, amongst other government sites, here.

Finally, if you are stuck at home in self-isolation, you can still take a look at our website and have a dream about those new granite worktops!

We are Affordable Granite, the leading granite and quartz worktop installer in Surrey, Sussex and across the South East. As we face this unprecedented health crisis in our country, we are committed to serving our community as well as we can, and seeking to preserve the health, safety and livelihoods of our own staff and of those around us. For questions, queries and quotes connected with any aspect of worktop installation or kitchen design, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01293 863992 or by email on .

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