All change: Granite and Quartz Stock Materials 2020

Well, I am blogging at the end of a day doing other stuff on the Affordable Granite website! Over the last few weeks and months a number of changes in our stock and in the way we quote have meant that our actual offering and the website have drifted apart a bit. It’s my job to pull them back together. Today – changes to our stock granite and quartz materials. 


To see our range of stock materials, in their price bands, please look for Granite and Quartz.

All change: Granite Stock Materials 2020
granite and quartz nero assoluto granite worktops cimstone lapland quartz_white_sparkly_black_140331103232a red

Nero Assoluto Granite worktops are a staple of our industry. Glossy, dense, durable black – it is stunning stuff and will never go right out of fashion. But the price of good quality Nero Assoluto granite has been sliding upwards. There is inferior (often heavily dyed) stuff out there, but if you want durable colour, then you have to pay.  

Throughout my 11+ years in the industry, Affordable Granite has sold Nero in our Superior Price Band. In Sales we have been conscious that the margin has been exceptionally tight in this band, and we have at last had to move. Nero Assoluto has moved up to the Premium band. Same great stone, same great installation service, but we have to charge a price that reflects its current wholesale value.

All change: Quartz Stock Materials 2020
Classic Quartz Stone Ice Branco Andrew King Photography 074110a

There have been more changes to our stock quartz materials. In fact we have come to the conclusion that change is here to stay, so far as the quartz market is concerned. No sooner has one look and one stone really established itself than the wind blows from another quarter and we need to keep up with the trend.

A positive change for our customers is that the Classic Quartz Ice Branco is now to be sold in Premium, not the Premium Plus band. The volume we have been handling and the good discount coming through because of it has made this price drop possible. When the trend to “subtle sparkle white” quartz began, we tried a lot of products, and have found the Classic Quartz Stone to be amongst the most consistent, and giving good results for our customers. And it is now at an ongoing lower price!

Classic Quartz Ice Branco
Cimstone Cortina CS200812 38555 165023 a long

Cimstone Cortina

We have a number of changes with quartz worktop materials being discontinued. Radianz Columbia Grey is going from the more economical, granular range. Radianz Makalu Silver (the subtle sparkle light grey) is going.

And it really is all change in the white marbles: BQS Blanco Massa, Novaestone Bianco Carrara and Radianz Lucern Lake are all going, leaving our top price bands a bit denuded, at least for the moment.

In their place we have a bunch of new stones – or stones which have featured as special offer materials are now joining us in the regular stock.

4141—Misty-Carrara red

Caesarstone Misty Carrera

4130 Clamshell Caesarstone quartz worktops granite surrey red

Caesarstone Clamshell

All Change!

Particularly in quartz, this is the biggest set of changes to our stock colours that I can remember. And we suspect that the speed of change is going to stay high. If you are interested in catching any of the old colours “while stocks last”, or talking through the new stock with us, please give us a call. We really are here to help!

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Images © Affordable Granite/Andrew King Photography

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